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Sunday, December 25, 2011 no thanks.

Under my account manage tab, I found someone had given access to my google account from the following site.

The above domain points to the site-- .. never heard of either site.

My Youtube account is relatively new. I only set it up in August of this year [2011], because I wanted to use the YouTube API.

FBI-- in the abstract world this looks like family abusing power. said no.

The reason I was looking at this? I wondered whether I received credit via my Google Adsense account for the ads that run on the videos requested by the YouTube Music Search Interface I developed.

Found out [according to this article] I had to allow third party access from my Google Adsense account under Account Settings. The setting under the Google Adsense account was disabled-- before I changed it today.

I am a member of however I became a member over a year ago, [maybe two]. I would have had no reason to link my relatively new Youtube account to Also-- I do not use my membership often.. this flags wrong from the word go.

In the legal world-- the following would not hold weight because it discusses a skirt.. this looks like clever lawyer work. Keep in mind-- I became well versed in Philadelphia Lawyers and their clever deeds when looking into the Rockwell EEOC issue.

Philadelphia Lawyer definition provided by

A shrewd attorney adept at the discovery and manipulation of legal technicalities.

Recently, I watched The Lincoln Lawyer with Matthew McConaughey. His shrewd moves in this movie-- another example.

I am having a nice Christmas. Nice gifts. Nice dinner. Quiet evening. Already, working on new projects. That's why I was researching this.. Spoiling Christmas? Why not wait until tomorrow? I lay out what may be legal issues-- when I find them. Too many clever tricks with my sites and hard work. Hope you are having a nice Christmas.

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