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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Busy Times

Lately, I have been so busy. Mostly, updating my sites and readying for the new year-- insofar as QiSoftware's online presence.

I did manage to do a little shopping Thursday, but I have more to do.

The Christmas tree and decorations went up about 2 weeks ago-- and although I am in a pretty good mood overall-- a snag with a hosting bill has me a little distracted. Though not enough to hinder me from putting a huge dent into my "to do" list.

Photos of this year's Christmas decorations (Living Room, Main Entrance):

Photos of the Christmas decorations (Den):

A little less this year, in the way of decorations. If I had not had so much to do this year.. the billing snag could have been much more of a downer this holiday season than it was. What the billing snafu caused me to do, sooner rather than later? Set up this more secure blogging environment and to start moving away from Q's Wire and WordPress as my personal blogging platform.

Happy this chore is taken care of. No matter the fact, some time ago {about 3 years ago}-- I set up the Q's Wire wp_config.php file to prevent revisions from being inserted as separate records to the underlying database-- somehow the instruction was removed and revisions were being saved. This bothered me-- because it provides a means for someone to insert malicious posts into the database without my knowledge. That said, I keep a text file of all my posts and use those as the master copies.

The way the file {wp-config.php} was tampered with-- appears to suggest someone with little knowledge of what he/she was doing -- removed the instruction. Not only did he remove the "revisions" "false" instruction but also removed the closing ?> tag from the wp-config file.

If you want to learn more about what you need to do to prevent post revision records from being inserted into your WordPress blog's database-- see this post on the Hosting-Q blog.

This new Thingamablog Personal blog prevents this kind of tampering.

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