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Tuesday, January 03, 2012

you are not going to believe this...

In October 2011-- I started having problems with my Macbook display. While researching on the Internet, I found I was not alone.

I did find a fix-- which I posted about here. Involved a mini dvi and external monitor.

This worked great- however I missed not being able to use my breakfast tray desk and boot up my Macbook in bed.

This fix? Believe it or not-- going into the System Preferences under Displays and playing with the Brightness levels- fixed the problem.

Didn't I try this before? Honestly, I thought so. I might add however, initially when I first opened the dialog area for the Displays System Preferences, the Brightness level was already at "the brightest" possible setting. Dimming the level, is what fixed the problem.

Other things I also did?

  • Reset PRAM
  • Reset SMC Firmware
  • Reset pmset variables to the factory defaults

I am going to leave it to you-- to search on the keywords I have used above, in case you want to try those options. That said, what appears to be my fix-- may have been some combination of the things I tried.

I am going to hold off saying I have definitely fixed the problem. The display worked for about half an hour over the weekend-- before I found this fix. However the fact it worked over the weekend, is what caused me to do more research into the problem and when I found the article by another Macbook owner that caused me to re-investigate this option.

Also keep in mind-- I knew my backlight worked and in my case it seemed to be a software problem. Ambient Light Sensor is the problem. Auto adjusting and my system does not support "turn off" mode.

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