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Friday, January 06, 2012

minor adjustments

I am pretty confident I have found the solution for my Macbook's black screen issues-- that this morning, I made the kitchen flat screen television the "kitchen flat screen television" again. Since mid-October I have been using it as my external monitor.

The other thing I did? Carefully took the white cover off the expanded rechargeable Macbook battery and super-glued the rubber pedestal and another small round piece to the bottom that was also directly glued to the battery.

Here is how the cover looks without the battery.

I took the battery out of my Macbook in October when I started having the display problems and covered the compartment with electrical tape to keep it clean and to prevent damage.

I rarely used the battery-- and it was still good-- however too large for the compartment. This month my Macbook turns 4 years old-- so it has held up pretty well, given I believe I have turned it on at least once-- every day I have had it.

I will be getting a new battery-- however will not install it for every day use, instead using the new cover I just made and electrical power. Of course the battery is what enabled the cover to lock to the bottom of the Macbook-- so I will have to improvise with tape.

So why get a new battery if I never used it? In case of an emergency. At $129.00, if the first lasted 4 years and for the most part- was installed in the Macbook, I should never have to get another one.

Also note the clip on light [shown in the top photo next to the Macbook display] I found in the basement-- to use when I tent my work area.

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