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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Patch Plans...

I have a new project in the works that involves changing the look of the home page of WiredPages.

I have not updated this page on WiredPages-- other than a new logo several years ago-- since going with this look in 2005. WiredPages was initially, also a Microsoft Publisher site. Between 2005 through 2007 or so, I may have had Adsense ads on the home page in the upper sidebar [did not bother to check the archives], but I am not sure. I did on other WiredPages. So, other than maybe Adsense, there have been no ads, nothing.

Here is how the page currently looks, image from the WiredPages Facebook page:

Recently, I added a Yahoo! interface to the Business & Markets page that allows visitors to enter a ticker symbol and get the latest headlines.

I like the way the interface turned out, so when I recently signed up to use the Patch API, I envisioned doing something similar with local/regional news-- for the home page. That is, provide headlines for a specified City/Town, State-- and allow visitors to link to the news item.

The new interface will be placed below the page summary and above the Market data in the lower left corner of the page.

Hope to get to this in the next week or so. I have not yet run preliminary tests to insure I can access the API from, and of course-- access from is a prerequisite to these plans.

The reason for this post--- abstract noise suggests the WiredPages home page everyone else sees is different from what I see. There are no ads on the home page of WiredPages, nor for that matter few others.. iTunes, Indeed. That's it. I replace pages on the server for WiredPages two or three times a week-- to ensure "my pages" are my pages-- however not often enough to keep others from changing them. If I do not get to this project because of problems -- with, then I will have at least addressed the issue of someone tampering with WiredPages... FBI/DOJ--- no.

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