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Thursday, October 04, 2012

DOJ Fax 10.04.12

Spoke with DOJ about an hour ago. Went in through the Civil Rights Division however transfered to the Criminal Division. As far as I know-- my complaints were all filed with the Civil Rights Division. Explained the Faxes I sent to the Baltimore office of the FBI over the last 6 months and told I could send them copies-- the fax number: 202-5148336. Just sent the FAX. Told the FBI has received many inquiries. They are reporting "under investigation" however the people I spoke with at DOJ seem to have no idea about any of this. Do you? People tell me all the time they know me, my blog or my software tools... DOJ doesn't? Or is that D. for middle name? Oh, yes I see something-- send me the fax. DOj-- dangerous game.

Wednesday, was supposed to be the new date to start the settlement payments. Told held up again for one reason or another. No the general, no chet, no Kennedy of the supremes [I asked why an appellate judge would have a say too-- told circuit judge overruled national security pentagon but kennedy asked to uphold], no etc... Big problem now-- pulsating day and night. I keep asking-- if there is no deal [PayPal, Amazon I find this hard to believe] why keep hammering me. I said no thanks.

I have blogged about the things I am going to blog about as related to this case. The Mike Mullen information I think is very important and only recently made clear how important he was to all of this. The rest of it appears to hope i want to risk a defamation law suit. Get the tapes and sue the people offering the information. Private lives and their insurance crap does not interest me.

DOJ/FBI-- check my known siblings-- and get their incomes and bank balances. Should you take me seriously? Because I owe them? Check sealed documents and settlements. I have nothing to do with their incomes. Judy-- Homeland/DOJ secretary. Andre-- not sure. They have trusts... source-- earpiece claim-- John D. Rockefeller IV/Cosby. I am not insured.. LunarPages-- I knew nothing about 60,000,000 usd settlement. Flim-Flam scam. I do not like con games. I am QiSoftware and I have no partners. Told this is the one that started the ball rolling....

Told via earpiece, Karen Kendrick and her boy [+mother] told to disappear with 5,000,000. This may have been to piss me off. This pisses off the academy more than me. That said-- recently told he could easily reappear. Not my embarrassment. Go ahead -- make his day. Told those black people a little too loud disapearring... wink, wink. Mullen-- earpiece unclear as to whether you handed Julie 5,000,000 however claim is that is what she got. That said-- earpiece claim you handed out 25,000,000 [tax payer money] to clean me up... I did not know I had a child that died. Am I clean yet?

DOJ/ACLU-- Told this is the Pentagon that will not release the pulsate on my frequencies master control. Why isn't the FBI or DOJ handling this... I was never Pentagon.. Did Mullen overstep his jursidiction? Pentagon should not be doing this in my ear. Please have marshalls go in and stop it.

Information I have been given about the older earpiece. It is very large and easily scene with the naked eye. Told most of the newer ones allow the frequency to be changed. I cannot change the frequency on the older one. The older one in my left ear-- put in around 1995 or so has a lot of bells and whistles. Just starting out... Told the newer ones cannot pulsate. The pulsate function so powerful it can make my whole body shake. Look up the older larger models of the inner hearing aid... Too powerful and I am being abused. Pentagon-- pulsating-- why am I a national security issue? That said-- marine general this morning said-- no I just don't like you... he wants to kill my ass, likes my top and thinks I should do him... DOJ--- if you lock him up again-- make sure you take his console and do not let him tell Kennedy I am a national security issue again... If any of the Mullen crap is true--he is that marines problem. Not me.

Keep in mind-- my earpiece lies to me a lot... I am told they tell me the truth but then lie or lie and then tell the truth.... They are backing away from Kennedy now. Why would I believe there is a deal... The big affiliates involved and the pieces I was given that at first did not make any sense... The other one-- Marine General asked me if I would pay $250,000 to someone so they could give him 2 minutes per day... Most who have read Q's Wire-- know I do not pay for your whores. In this case it was rather personal [extended family member]-- and I thought he may have been trying to offend me.. Even he believes I am going to get money... why if I am a national security issue... I can get paid if his whore is? No thanks. DOJ/FBI-- GET THE TAPES... Oct 2, 2012 or Oct 3, 2012. I asked Obama to look into it. He might say he was mind fking... why if I am a national security issue.... Voice pattern search on "2 minutes". That's all he needs a day... His quote? His dumpy wife he married 5 years ago-- stopped providing the service... Why would I owe his whore?

National Security issue looks like how many people I should pay to get away. Some of these people were in on the 300,000,000 USD paid out because of me and my business through scams, misappropiations and affiliate pay me and not her-- I will pay her because she is my relative-- they did not. the general said he did not get anything but does make 1,000,000 a year. He cannot afford his own "girl"? She will like him better.. she may confuse me with him-- and I would not like that.

I live in Anne Arundel co. The same county as my high school where i am owner of the Facebook Alumni group. The naval Academy is also in Anne Arundel Co-- Annapolis. I am told that when i told Missy I did not want to be her friend on facebook-- a lot of mutual acquaintances were mad. Mostly people that came out after me that I did not know well. But they saw her photos with the boy too. Today-- that Mullen would make the appointment when a lot are still in the area-- and this close simply looks plain stupid.. national security or plain stupid? Is that a double head? Earpiece says double head means person probably has parents' too closely related.. Can you think of any.. they have pointed out one or two... It provides insurance for some.

Lie down or pay you? Did you check with BWMC? I am tired of getting blamed for the idiot moves of Washington and the Pentagon.. I have been working for 17 years. Then I thought the FBI is finally here and the earpiece activation.. You should have told me a deal was put on the table last October that no class filth in washington wanted to steal... get off me.

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