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Monday, October 08, 2012


Since 3:00 pm or so yesterday-- the pulsating has never stopped. I awoke a couple of times over night and it was pulsating harder than normal-- and whoever was on duty-- said they did it on purpose.

Once the marine General said it was him. I know a lot more about him. He has a daughter who is with a black guy and a gay son with a beautiful mulatto daughter. The mother will not let him [grandfather] watch the child and this pisses him off. Do you know who I am talking about? I am not making this up.

Why are they running this drill? I am not sure. I told them I am not going to harm me and I do not understand what they hope to gain from me. Everyone is claiming this is almost over.

Yesterday, I watched "Margin Call" on FiOS' "on demand". My goodness-- what a Three Days of the Condor movie... If you have not seen it-- watch it. Also search Q's Wire for Hong Kong-- a post I did awhile back. I have not read it recently-- but earpiece claims it resonates. Earpiece and I discuss Spacey's character. Too tame for who it appears to be. Gene says he is a loveable bear? Yes, there is something innocent about him... Best fit for me-- Eric Dale. The name key..

Several nights ago, last week sometime-- one of the guys told me to use one of the round shot glasses in the bar area in the basement to cut the interaction with the earpiece and microwaves. There is a wet bar down there. My surveillance people always tell me they know everything about my surroundings. When I misplace something these days-- I will often say-- make yourself useful and tell me what I did with it.

I never made it to the basement. Instead I used the round globe vase sitting on the speaker in this photo. I washed it first.

Here is a close up. It does seem to work. I cannot hear the voices and the pulsating is cut.

All morning I have been asking that they cut the pulsating. I am vibrating. Just a moment ago I arose to go to the kitchen after sitting for awhile with the vase on my ear--- and noticed I had a slight balance problem. I asked thin air if they had investigated whether this could happen. The vase kind of creates a vacuum but I do no think that is what caused the balance problem. I believe it is the constant pulsating. They told me this morning that court orders had been issued and people like Pickering and a Navy Admiral had received them. i am not sure what the truth is. Too many have the government issued consoles. The problem? They have been talking about the court order since early this morning and who just had their console taken but the pulsating continues. They are saying it is the generals.

I believe this can cause balance issues if deployed too long. Research and stop.. You are asking for law suits. RESEARCH...

The sedan that has been sitting in the driveway for almost a year is no longer there. My brother was over Saturday doing something with the car. Other than telling him he was blocking me in-- and to move his car I said nothing to him. the car was picked up this morning. Not really sure what's going on. Police little more active lately.. Not sure why pulsating day and night.. FBI--- horrific violation of my rights.

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