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Monday, October 22, 2012

Don, Why?

I have been dealing with issues and searching for why this would continue. One appears to be that I should go to work for the CIA. I have continued to say -- no thanks.

Another major issue-- the earpiece in the left ear. Told it is so large and powerful that they would love to have it back.. that said-- I want it destroyed.Gain issues.

Constantly, being told--- DOJ has control of the payment start-- however enlisted others to override-- which has caused the problem. It is explained to me that at first circuit court judges were in on the approval process. Why would a private deal need a Federal approval? Because -- the US Government tab settlement-- though being picked up by the outside source, needs approval. There is no one saying they do not owe. As a matter of fact-- a lawyer claimed-- right after I arrived back from BWMC in July 2012-- that the Pentagon owed 1.5 billion. the fact that the FBI/DOJ ignored my requests for relief since the mid 90s also a factor.

The other issue-- too many want me to promise something in return for release of the funds. Told the funds can only be released to my social. Made no promises other than a trust I want to set up for my mother. the other-- when I die if rich-- the money will be returned to the outside source. I get threats all the time. This a public record. I want to pay pricey law firms to protect me after the fact... I do not owe pricey law firms before the settlement.. all agreed in May 2012.

That said-- I am told there is a wide ranging investigation going on both at the Military and DOJ/FBI levels. Bob, security BWMC told you have tapes that may help with the night of June 19th, 2012. Things I had forgotten-- discussed at length yesterday [sunday]. That said-- James Jones signed the order? How? This explained yesterday? This is news to me. I thought it was the surpremes. Ben do you remember? I was supposed to be released immediately. That is what that 3mg invega without a doctor indicates. Told in situations like this-- that is known by the people involved. Told my 2.5 week stay was to run a couple of tests.. yes I am HIV negative and to get the bag... A circuit judge stepped in and made a lot of people mad.

what I do not like? On a number of occasions I have been told I am speaking with people like Kagan or Ruth Bader Ginsberg. I am not a fan of Kagan. The problem--- not all of the supremes are judges or even lawyers. Lawyers and judges include Kennedy, Kagan, Thomas... Most of the others are not. The person claiming to be Kagan-- keeps suggesting she is owed respect. My claim-- she only gets to analyze whether the Federal government owes the tab amount for both DOJ/FBI inaction and Pentagon -- actions over the last 17 years. No one says they do not... as a matter of fact most say that the 120 million for the Federal roll in this over the last 17 years is under what I am owed. The tab amount was arrived at by a well respected DC Law Firm. Why? An individual involved in the settlement uses the law firm.

Other large law firms were surveyed and all come back with the same response. Good deal for the US Government and they believe what happened to me. Just too much evidence that supports my claims. So why is it not moving forward?

The claim is now-- 3 supremes and 3 generals need to sign off. I am told all have. So why is DOJ holding off? Not sure. Yes, I believe the money is set to roll from the Federal Reserver payment system-- ACH. This morning too. Did it? My bank balance is current as of last Friday.. so I see no change.

They really want me to take a CIA position and let me get a paycheck from them. I have said no over and over. Kagan.. someone needs to get her tapes and ask if she is still an issue-- whether she should be. Three supremes agree the US owes at least that amount? Where is the problem?

Doug-- James Jones said to be key to you. Guy--- James mattis? Why do I want to ask-- if the Blogger Calendar is compromising anything... Don-- those guys 2 stars in 1985... Don---- I do not owe the blogger calendar. Matties -- big deal. That said -- told he signed off. Why is this still happening? Too many still on and on about the bag. Can I fix problems with WiredPages? Yes. Not making corrections for a server I will not be using in the long term future. I have already explained this.

Don-- why am I confused?

Also told-- that because of too many threats -- shoot to kill is a problem. Waht does this mean? A lot involved in this got AIDS-- whether intentionally or by mistake. Too many. Many angry I did not know there was an AIDS problem and mad I do not have it. Threats causing a "shoot to kill" environment. AA Co police-- told they are serious... July 24th guy-- keeps coming around. why? Some close to me-- A, B... also told there is a problem with you guys... stop. Blind Trust Iron clad-- who sent you? Told it reverts to the person who set it up... who sends you out... even kidding-- you have to stop.... Iron clad.. get a life and stop.

As recently as this weekend-- told the boys wanted hundred million to sign off. The money left... idiot in my ear yours doj? Big affiliates... let go. Did he review tapes or just wants to see if he can steal in broad daylight... I do not owe government filth. already told you. Give back to the fed boys 100 million when they did not pay in the first place. Let's see I get 20 million and they get 100 million? DOJ/FBI you owe the boys extortion charges. The liar today-- shut up idiot.. i just had this discussion. I repeat-- Pentagon alone 1.5 billion... get the idiots out of my ear.

Another problem earpiece is talking about-- Veronica Jones. Nicole Ritchie looks like her. Sam has gray eyes. Told Veronica died in the early 80s. Bad scene. Now under investigation...

FBI-- I was told the consoles were used to investigate or interview federal witnesses. Widespread abuse. Please correct.

Pentagon-- you went into clean mode because it looked like I was from Odenton too? Yes. that said-- I never had an intimate relationship with any of the boys... rumor says-- one visited in England when I was 7 or so... Says while i was sleeping.. I have at least two other rumors that suggest similar through fort Mead. Oraled all while I was sleeping [they did me]. I know nothing about any of these rumors. I believe i can put S.H. in the Rockwell office place as a janitor before she had some work done-- earpiece asking about an incident-- me that was her? She had some work done. This around 93 or so. mary looks like she has ties to the boys and don too. The new Author-- Dudly moore original star-- looks like he could be the son of Doug and S.H. I knew nothing about the child if true. I did not cause the problem insofar as the Pentagon.. Don-- did you want to own generals? Did it get out of hand. D-- too good looking and insurance.. all earpiece supplied speculation. I said stop. Please do not ask about the calendar again.. said no. Why while I was sleeping.. I am nixon granddaughter. Trying to insure me early. if it happened-- I think it was supposed to be an accident waiting to happen. Never knew. Perry king taught me while I was awake. Fall 1975. this is what I know about... everything else rumor...

Julie-- earpiece saying don-- RR. He knew. Get court cause transcripts-- L. Benita... Why my fault.. I did not know.. Pentagon.. cleaned wrong thing.. Yes, I am still trying to un-insurance because of the secrets of others. In 1996 or so-- someone kept talking to me about the Rockwell trading company. Known for imports and exports.. Hong Kong-- again... Don? I said no CIA. No more. FBI-- pulsate function gone. Reduced the risk. That said-- gain bad... Need you to get congress and supremes with no need for access out of my ear... too pissy. I said no. CIA letting idiots take credit for what could be serious health issues. I have rendered it mostly useless but still could cause problems.. Not kdding fbi.. I do not have a massive heart attack because you gave out consoles to washington idiots.. get them off me. Bonnie-- the woman you had a talk with. Flowers to the nurses. Should she control gain in my ear? Idiots they discontinued using this model -- too dangerous.. Earpiece telling me about part of the cnversation Bonnie and the woman had. FBI--- you are causing me health issues. Should I go to the doctor to get it out? I need a lawyer to certify first. No money... Then my calls are blocked. Ask Facebook lawyer friend... STOP. Torture why? What else do I know?

FBI-- I am told the maker of the earpiece warned it was too powerful. That is why later models less equipped, smaller. Pickering, Collins-- congressionals members apparently do not know how powerful... you need to pick up their equipment and reread the specs. Susan does not kill me because I will not let her run WiredPages I do not care whose girl she is. Now-- they cannot claim they did not know. And FBI-- I am told only government issued consoles can use the features of that older earpiece.. They should not have them. Last night-- "are we in test mode again". Get those crazy no class idiots off me. Ben-- why did you tell? And yes-- I found a pressure point just behind the earlobe that prevents most of the reverbration throughout the body. They like walking me up with it-- however it takes a lot of machines-- degraded. Need relief doj.. You are watching as i am tortured? Most people get-- I do have lots of surveillence. I said no CIA. National Security your problem not mine. I keep asking if you are doing the best thing for my country? No-- I want to help. I do not owe. I said no. DOJ-- Why did you agree to take the settlement payments if you did not want to give them to me.. Too many large corporations. Stop., Too many see. Most thought BWMC over the summer was to make sure I am sane. I am. too many in washington are not. STOP.

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