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Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Today, while out sawing ofF the limb on this tree-- a guy stopped and asked if I wanted to sell my RX7 which was in the garage. He said every time he saw me he was going to ask, when I indicated no-- not willing to sell. The car shown in the header photo.

The tree after I finished.

Last two posts have been rather intense about issues I have been going through. Told -- ACLU wants order enforced where earpiece is concerned. Yes-- still active but not as much. Pacemaker effect.. dangerous.

Still heavy on the settlement talk... Hoping I will become demoralized I think. Told FBI and DOJ receiving calls. Still discussed:

  • The bag
  • Fix the site- my response no-- not writing code if I am moving the sites. I have no employees-- amazing to me idiots try this. Amazon did you decide to pay one?
  • Key Player unavailable for twenty days.
  • Why Kagan needs a requisition For hospital bill. BWMC-- explained involuntary when I was there and in later phone calls. Earpiece claimed surpremes night of 19th June 2012 and again in this time period. Specifically Kagan.
  • Gen. Joseph F. Dunford-- claim I talk to him a lot. Looks like military evaluation. Why would I talk to him-- then? Searching timelines.. Rachel Ray, who was related to who in my office, wrong reason for Oct 93 accident. Claim-- child's death. Not aware child existed. Lot about-- Hong Kong 1997 events and Don's roll. I know too much about who's who from Rockwell office-- latest claim. Let's un-insure on this. CIA employment-- no.
  • Why I did not mention Adm. Roughhead as reminding me of John W. Newcomb from Rockwell when I mentioned James Jones and Mattis.
  • People who have lost [home] surveillance consoles-- Mike M. [Mike was that you a moment ago-- with the dear shit?]-- fbi, really?, Susan C., Brother's family, Bill and family, sister, Flower lady hospital. Worried- about a remaining home console for someone without government employment. Why? General too hard on him.. not sure why. Yes, degrade of earpiece not enough. Let them do it... ACLU-- why can't it be turned off.. It can be.. priorities key. Do not like pacemaker. Want Kagan's. She is fond of "lick my t..." and I just want to see something. She is a judge-- find her records as a judge and her tapes... No where near me. Bodouski and Katie of Maryland-- hear you like playing around with gain on my frequency... FBI-- I don't like it.
  • MILLIONs FOR AIDS VICTIMS. BUT I DO NOT HAVE AIDS. That said, why tell me deal is gone if I can afford millions for Aids victims? Paypal-- what am I missing? The other issue-- white males the Aids victims. I never had a white male lover oral me. Rumor-- white girl oraled me while I was at Macauthor jr high. Known person. See Applegate's husband. Looks just like Bill Foster-- anyone remember. I dated him in 1973. I was too young. cheerleader [cougars] with mole dated him after me.. she stole him... told her-- because she stole him... I was 12 and asleep if it happened. Had no idea he was Bill's son. Earpiece confirmed their son. Both at sr. high in 1973. See Ted Stevens-- relations. Once I remeber not feeling well while at lunch, standing up but not remembering what happened next. Should be at least a witness to the cafetiera scene. If this event happened must have been while I was at school. My mother never allowed me to have friends over for sleep overs. Nor could I go to them. How did white male get aids because of me- even if I had it.. which I never did? Black male has. Sorry I do not owe this.

I know too much. But I had no idea my coworkers were related to people that would become generals. Not until earpiece activation in Feb. 2012. Also keep in mind-- Richard Nixon [I believe my mother's father] was the sitting president in 1973.

Andre-- mother said you were coming over at 5:00 pm today. No thanks. FBI check 2006 assault. I did not press charges. Mom a busy body. went to lunch-- costco and alive and happy. Me--- she seems to be catering to something again. I did tell her recently I faxed a copy of the FBI report for July 2012. She did nto seem happy. She threatened to have me sent back to the hospital. Because I do not want my 6'4" brother to assualt me again? Lunch girls-- mom ever say I threaten her? Hospital released. A lot should see you.. me? already did. By the way--- read this to her. Check her card transations. All over the place. Andre-- no where near me. Cameras all over the place in my residence. How they got away with i tried to choke her is still amazing to me-- but that is what happened in June 2012. She later admitted that never happened but I have the court papers that show that is exactly what my sister wrote-- which i provided a copy of to the FBI and DOJ. Told the key was responisble for the July 2012 event and court issue. Dismissed. Andre at the time, on the scene then threatening me.. Looks like the bag. Plan on calling the Baltimore officr of the FBI to have them check his records... I said no.

By the way-- if Andre is operating blind-- told his console was picked up recetly, only earpiece now-- he may think he is getting instructions from the missing player. Everyone has missing player's filter. I am pretty sure he is away being evaluated. Listen carefully. FBI why do I have to tell you what you can hear for yourself? I am told my mother has an earpiece [internal too]. Sister, Jan and my niece have external receivers. Told mother and brother a little concerned about having them removed. me I cannot afford it. I have two. Ben you are getting a lot of blame.. reason I am concerned with general. You using his filther? stop. why the sorry-- I should not have done that. I said no to the bag ben... cars lined up down the street.

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