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Monday, November 19, 2012

Staying Positive.

Friday, when I tested for the possible reasons several of my interfaces now appear to be inoperable-- I went in search of workarounds. The World Weather Tool and the AP New Feeds should be working, since they both work in local mode but not online.

The CIA interface is also in disrepair because it appears the IP where the servlet is hosted, cannot access the resource url. I did find a workaround for this problem in the form of a database, here.

When I move the sites-- I will use this resource. Do you want one now? I will use Java Servlet and JDBC technology for the new interface-- however it will work similar, insofar as user interaction-- as the old one. You will need JSP hosting for my new interface-- but you needed that for the old one too.

It was mostly a quiet weekend with more of the same insofar as where the settlement process is. Supposed to start this morning... no something went wrong-- again. I am not sure why they keep doing this. I never cry about this-- only wonder why they keep doing this...

Unnecessary gain over the weekend? Yes, but it is a lot less today.. so I am a bit happier. This could be considered torture and I am not sure why DOJ is allowing it.. Prolonged heart pinch. How do they do it? Not sure--but it can only be done with the earpiece in the left ear-- with all of the bells and whistles. Frequency, pusle, etc. Affects different parts of the body. Check with the maker of the early versions. Who did they claim did it? FBI/DOJ-- check tapes from Friday, night. They owe explanations.

On Friday, there was excitement when I was telling someone about the CIA database I found-- until I explained again -- I am not developing the new interface now. I need to move the sites. Too government personnel on my sites and I said no. I am not sure why they seem to have a hard head about this.

Last evening, I watched Safe House with Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds. I liked this movie a lot. Wondered if the mind control scenes inspired some of the idiot crap in my ear from the earpiece idiots this morning. CIA/Pentagon-- stop, please... Listen to the tapes. Really, stop. I am too straight forward and too disgusted by the idiots-- to be impressed. The names involved? Oh please stop. I am embarrassed they sound like idiots. DOJ/FBI-- sorry you owe, I asked nicely. Have them stop-- by any means necessary... Arrest warrants? Okay. You go after the big name and not these idiots? Nope.. said get them out of my ear. Big name-- see about another lawyer... DOJ hammering you and not the others. Why? Then DOJ explains they are listening? Sorry DOJ you are going to be locking up those idiots.

I am a project in government circles. I am told it was called the Regina project. The project was supposed to die. Settlement payments were supposed to be the reason... they continue with this, however they now use "die dead" a lot. How do you kill someone with all the surveillance cameras the FBI gave out? I used to do 6.6 miles a day on the treadmill and later when I broke the 3 I owned, 9.6 on the elliptical. Check exercise category on Q's Wire. I am in pretty good shape. Check with BWMC. Die dead? What does that mean? Over and over this morning from two claiming to be Volker and Pickering. later said it was Ben and Joseph. What does die dead mean, guys? The one claiming to be Pickering upset over Mullen? I thought it was Babs who appointed missy's boy to the academy. Earpiece claim-- Mullen... tell him to get mad with him.. I do not owe him and the navy. Made fools of yourself... Missy told everyone her boy there. Not me. Wanted nothing to do with her nor her mother... DOJ really pickering-- "die dead"... mullen--- see your boy pick. I do not owe idiots. I thought babs did it... By the way doj-- they continue to threaten me-- i continue to go loud... Idiots do not threaten me. Claim it was mullen with the heartpinch. This morning it was the FBI doing it.. I have no eyes.. Not sure-- but do know there were witnesses. I am only going with who they said it was that a tape should confirm. Threaten yourself idiot.

FBI-- the guy below? Why do I want to ask if he accesses my surveillance equipment with a console... I do not like threats... Day one.. I am not owed threats because you let this go on too long.. My tag? no thanks... what would his coworkers say? Careful-- I am not the idiot boys...

Years ago told Volker not interested at least twice. Not sure who he is. Why would someone claiming to be him this morning tell me he is my only door? Told him a lot-- no thanks when I thought he was a lawyer. Thin air-- live broadcast. Have no idea what he is. Just know-- at least 3 times in the past including last week when he was with Greenspan on Cspan. I always tell thin air no thanks. Can they hear me? Long ago indication was they could. CSPan gov tv. earpiece confirmed in Feb. 2012. Told Volker again last week--no. Get tapes. Why is he my only choice this morning? Not him and CIA, FBI or DOj like having fun in my ear? tell them that is a mistake.. I said no thanks.

The other interesting thing about last Friday? Told too many embarrassed about the World Weather images I showed from my tests. Look at the times and locations. Showed clearly in standalone mode my code. But who doubted that? I wrote the original tool in 2003. Unless you had x-windows experience you should not claim that tool. origianl code stolen from safe when I had jury duty in march 2004, I beleive. Heart pinch because I embarrassed liars? Judge protected the bag in June 2012. I have all of my code and I keep old versions... why upset about that on friday? I have been all over forums, chat rooms, big groups like linkedin with my signature links. Of course it is my code... Do not own that applet in 2003 unless you have x-windows experience... Yes, I have my code. Who did they claim those tests embarrassed? For some reason, one was Prince William. I have no idea why. Passed on those claiming to be from England in march 2012. Get Friday tapes.

The other idiot thing I had for the idiots this morning? I am dead-- why are they talking to me? FBI get your thugs off me. Pentagon Cia? said no.

Credibility for the movie Safe House. They have-- I am told low powered x-ray cameras now. They are all over my residence. they like for me to like the men on more than i do. Told them all of this is like a cold shower. Do not see men.. see criminals. Can they see? yes. that is why chest x-ray important at Bwmc. They asked me the first night. I asked the guy to get one of my head for the earpieces. Told he saw them but did not take the image. xray surveillence should have shown that pill thing he injected at the safe house. equipment cannot see through bones. Can see almost everything else. Idiots like tellimg me when I have to use the bathroom. funny, funny.. US gov-- 1.5 billion pentagon alone.. keep allowing that heart pinch.

Pete Read, they tell me Pickering is your kin? He bragged he had no aids. Why? I am not a washington whore and would not do him. White girls say that in my ear all the time. Did I pete? Pete why is your kin all over me.. I will make him wish he had left me alone... I said no. You told me your brother was overweight and self consioius.. I am not the hard up boys' whore. i thought you got that. If he is too self conscious to insure with men-- why would he think I would do him? Most men tell me I am intimidating? Surely you told him that. Screw me for 17 years so I will do anything? pentagon--- that person is the idiot in my ear? Get that joke off me. I x-windowed... remember.-- People that use do him in my ear? Claim Anne Romney- she liked Joseph. Several liked Joseph. maybe I was supposed to notice him. A Sunlight Labs girl that liked one of my white cousins. me and several in my ear watched "cooly high" the other night. We did not do you. We slow danced.

While on the subject of Ann Romney and insurance lets tell you about a session I had with Anne about 2 weeks before the election. I told her I was going to tell it after the election because I did not want to affect it. those in washington want a part of the settlement they know about. I do not owe washington. They scammed 300 million over the years. Originally, I was told Anne was Lester Holt's wife. I am not sure. Earpiece claims Romney [the guy] is lester's-- the reason he had to start wearing glasses. Starting in the spring Ann would chat in my ear. Really her? I have no reason to doubt that. In the fall- I was told she is really with chet. Who is chet? Chet is the name I use for the real power. There are two chets. A cilivian and a military. Military is almost always a marine general. I am not sure who the cilivan chet is. Might be a Tony Cordsman son. Military-- looks like james Mattis. Anyway she is supposed to really be with him. I do not like the person claiming to be her.. She thinks a lot of herself. Anyway I was told [via earpiece] hillary wanted to be like the boys insofar as insurance. The boys-- if you get ouch bottom-- then the guy who did it has to oral you. So I am told hillary wanted to be like them. They made it kind of a joke. She strapped on a ---- and then she had to oral someone.. Cannot remember now if it was a girl or a guy. Anne decided 2 weeks before the election I should be hillary. She did not know I already knew about that story. maybe it was not anne. Why would they lie? Not sure... I do not need insurance. I am not part of washington. I would not go near hillary nor ann. Get the tapes. I do not owe the washinton orgy. Get that filth off me. By the way I told ann to get off me a lot before that story... I did not care if she was my sister in law. The person that said she was ann-- sounds like a pompous bitch. That said--- they said Obama would win long ago. Recently-- could not afford to switch at this time the reason given. When I threatened to tell this story-- caused me more problems? I cannot even walk away. Too many want me to defame them. but how if I am repeating earpiece stories?

Just now-- 1:55 pm Monday.. Me-- why are you on my heart? [vibrations affecting my heart directly]. Response from earpiece-- ACLU said go ahead and kill her. DOJ-- still funny? Yes, confirming concern I did not tell the Ann story. Calls bad. My goal is not phone calls to the fBi. doj owes me a call. Told deal still in place... I do not owe harrassment until I defame someone. How many times do i tell ann to get out of my ear without recourse. she would not. Yes, I did threaten her after that disgusting issue. I do not owe because washington would not get out of my ear. My speculation in Q's wire is tame compared to the crap I was forced to listen to.. I owe-- get off me.

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