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Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Belgian Waffles

One of the gifts I gave my mother this year for Christmas-- was a Belgian Waffle Maker. In its price range, I am told it is one of the best-- and I have found it makes great waffles. Here are photos of the waffles I made for us this morning.

I am told a relative is ill and so this morning my mother and sister are at the hospital visting. Me? I went to the bank and listened to a lot of discussions via the earpiece I did not ask to hear. Lot of anger.

Last night I was given more information. The information provides that 4 kids were produced with my eggs. I have been pregnant once. I have never given birth to a child but did miscarry in Nov. 1999. I am told all girls. I have been told someone from my office had one [BWMC told Lindy the surrogate], a marty bryant from Navsea [earlier it was said to be a black guy from Rockwell]-- he was black-- told that is not his name now, someone from New York and another child to an x-president. The x-president's child is new information to me-- and I do believe the information may be correct. That said-- I am a bit worried in that many have tried a lot of things and I heard threats last night as the information was provided. This the reason I am providing these details here. I am told I was the only one who did not know though the girl was mentioned before-- and I thought she was a princess... just not mine. The x-president's child is also aware-- however the bryant child may not have been. My discussion with earpiece personnel this morning-- do you hear this? They said Secret Service.. two x-presidents in her lineage. The problem-- government tags [I call my surveillance people when out tags]-- are kind of invasive and I do not trust them. The threats were from a non government source--- because they want to own QiSoftware or me to payout part of the settlement. [This also backs up deal still in play.] I have said no. fBi is aware of the problems.. and I do not expect to hear about problems about the girl. The other two girls are with parents and safe. one I am told kind of alone and I am worried.

I think the information was new to some of the listeners-- and made them kind of mad. I never minded being the ugly one-- and she is too cute to be my biological child. Are they serious? Unfortuntly it has been my experience-- yes. I am told Bob's was too. Washington people are in a constant competition. I used to say-- why would you think I would compete with you. Did Doug {masterson from Rockwell think that}? Have you ever seen my mother or Mrs. Hopson. Why on earth would I compete with you.. this note should not be underestimated. It surprises me often how much these people worry about things. For example-- someone hates that i know how to use makeup to shadow my nose making it look more like my mother's. Another, I hate those are your real nails. People actually tell me things like this... Lot of pissiness as I was listening to the details last night.

I am told the private deals are still in play-- however I should watch what I write. I hate torture and threats. Currently, I am being threatened and my heart tweeked with the vibrations of the earpiece. I can easily prove this.

It is said-- Pentagon and CIA very upset. Not sure why. They should have the same tapes with the information provided to me since Feb. 2012 and nothing should be a surprise to them.

Also had an issue with a web hosting problem which I will detail later if the need arises. Me-- I am angry-- the vibration never stops and the amount of hate messages from government employees I cannot see nor never met is amazing. FBI-- are you listening? I do not like threats.

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