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Friday, January 18, 2013

The Dissection of Idiot Point Umpty ump..

So, I was awakened early this morning by someone who wanted a discussion on who in my office used the term johan [yo-han]. I am told it is a German pronunciation of the name John.

That said- I remember falling asleep to someone trying to have the same discussion. Let me remind of you of the players in my Rockwell office.

  • John W. Newcomb-- looks to be related to a navy general by the name of Roughhead.
  • John A. Winston
  • Douglas Masterson-- part black son to a marine general James Jones. Doug is also said to be related to Bob Dole. think Jones and Dole are half brothers or something.
  • Guy R. Allen-- is said to be related to the marine general James Mattis-- I also call him Chet. For some reason-- you should not Mattis is Jewish. Believe is saying Guy's mother's brother. I met Guy's father-- and I believe he was a non-jew... Guy had two ceremonies; Hindu and catholic. I only went to the Hindo service later in the evening.
  • Dave Boyd -- looks like a bastard son of George H W Bush
  • Pete Read-- Looks like several of hi relatives are in congress and then it is said what appears to be a Navy officer a Mark Fegurson-- his son/brother.
  • Mike Gregory-- not sure if he has a known relative
  • Vasco Martins-- Looks like a Westmoreland relative. Earpiece confirmed.

At least midway through my tenure with Rockwell [1985-1995] one John starts calling the other John-- yohan. This seemed to be important to the analyst gathering data last night-- and this morning. Have I mentioned this before in Q's Wire? I will check later. So I asked-- what did Doug say. Doug said Newcomb called Winston that. I am told the man I knew as John Winston died in 2010. I then asked the analyst-- what Guy Allen, Mike Gregory and Dave Boyd said. They said it was Winston who called Newcomb that with the exception of Boyd. This morning I was told he died. I did not add my voice as to who called who yohan. Why? Thought it was going to be one of the pointless points I think government personnel like making.

Das Boot a german movie that came out in 1981 was also a topic in my office late in my tenure. It resonates now. the theory? I watched the "Iron Lady" with Meryl STreep the other night and was reminded of the close ties she and Reagan had. I also remembered the Berlin Wall event under their adminstrations. Part of my post last night questioned why that happened then-- given the Aids and Bonzo questions I now understand. Were military types blackmailed at the time?

My interest in this only relates to the "why me" question and what I may have been told over my lifetime that explains why I seem to be in the middle of the issues I am now in. My theory... too many in the military and washington/london had aids and Germany said-- get a life.

Me-- I was a bit surprised Germany added their opinion when I first started discussions about money deals in March 2012 or so via the earpiece. I was more than surprised. I was pissed off. I did not ask.

then the other night-- like with the case of Michele Flounary [sp] someone who appears to be Justice Kennedy's daughter-- according to the earpiece-- I will need this bit of information. There is a military general sitting on Boeing board that is blocking your exit. I keep telling everyone-- military should not be holding me up-- doj/fbi owe me... There is also a reference to germany in this discussion. What brothers me about this? the funding source for my deals-- is in part a solvent country-- of which germany is not. But the other country is involved-- because my well placed relatives kept calling several of my affiliate with headquarters in the country to threaten or ask for money.. It looked bad.

Military types are not business men and mostly waste my time with their crap. That said-- why tell me about a general on the Boeing board and a german connection? I walk away alone. I do not pay generals. they keep trying to say-- that somehow I caused the aids problems. I am HIV negative. Your insurance caused the aids issue.

why am I pissed? my affiliates do not owe greedy generals. Nor german interests. Why are government people even trying to get money out of this?

Told another issue-- who was hammering me each night-- Navsea was corrected last night with the last post. I had heard it was Navsea-- but did not know it was Neal Barron. Why? He agrees I did not give him aids. Does he have it? Ask him. He said because when I stopped in to Navsea offices I did not stop to chat with his secretary wife. You are rubbing my heart-- because I came in said hi-- politely and then asked for my poc? If you do have aids-- is it eating away at your brain. A lot of the vibrations went away last night... That cannot be a reason Kennedy allows you this torture with government equipment.

Doug not sure why you lied. CIA analyst this morning said-- Roughhead a new military officer-- while John's dad -- Old Navy... His intel better.

CIA Hale is said to be yours. Why isn't this his job and not the crap he keeps giving me? I said no to government employment. that means cia too.

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