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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Why-- do they want this?

Since earlier this week-- an earpiece guy has been discussing the social security numbers for employees of rockwell. I said-- yes, I have several copies of the MS Access HR system i developed which has the socials. Earpiece explained the socials were not cleaned-- and though the names given to me were not real in some cases-- the social security numbers were.

Why is this important? I am not sure-- but today the same guy wanted a sample of the names and socials [partially blanked out]. Recently, I have been talking to DOJ concerning other details-- but I am not sure that the guy on and on about the social security information is DOJ.

This is not my threat insofar as to the data I have.. simply a request I accommodated. Quite honestly, it may be that they want to insure the data was "cleaned". I did not see Bob's data in this version.. will check out versions later. Why would I provide this? To divest in Washington/CIA crap. I said no.

By the way-- in 1997 or so I provided copies of this database and other material to DOJ/FBI and Charles Olgetree-- begging them to investigate. Olgetree's came back unopened.

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