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Tuesday, February 05, 2013

'til Feb. 1st...

Lately I have been cooking and thinking about a project-- something I call Washington Style. This project has evolved a lot over the years. Several years ago-- I wanted to get a bunch of fashion bloggers from Washington-- and create a group fashion blog.

Then in the Spring of 2012- I thought about the Plum TV site with Kelly Benisom I used to visit-- and evolved the project into another direction. Plum TV as I knew it no longer exists.

I did this mostly because so many in Washington seemed to think WiredPages should be a gift. At the time I thought settlement was right around the corner-- and those listening seemed to really like the idea. Then more recently, Feb. 1st was set as the date. Yes, of course this has been done a lot in the last 7 months-- but for some reason, maybe because of the advance date-- I may have thought it held more promise. Not to say that by the time Jan 31, 2013 rolled around- I was hopeful, I was not-- but over the course of the 2 weeks I put more ideas out there for Washington Style.

  • Real People doing a show about the website
  • Sexy because Style, Technology & Business are sexy
  • Ideas about shoots, etc.
  • Unknown, college grads [washington], with no ties to government
  • See if Discovery, Disney, Current TV might be interested. I talk to some well known folks.

Anyway-- I put a lot of thought into some of the ideas and types of things I wanted to do. For instance, the web site one christmas could have a banner with my favorite shortbread recipe using cookie cutters for the White House, Capitol and Washington monument. Washington Style. I thought plastic cutters to get the details. Someone asked to see an example of a plastic cookie cutter. I showed the different cookie cutters my niece and I had collected over the first 5 years of her life.

I then thought a show segment should show how the cookies were made for the shoot and the audience could also click on the web site. the web site of course not a network site- but real. I also had lots of ideas about who could be interviewed. Stars who I know have "condos or homes in DC. And other ideas for the site. But real and educated were key. No limos, no fakes-- no never ending arguments. Real business does not have time for never ending debate.

The more I thought about the site and show detailing real business, style and technology issues the more I thought it would be a hit. Both the site and the reality show. And earpiece listeners seemed to agree. So that is what I was doing for the 2 weeks up until the first of FEb.

I was also cooking and eating a lot. For example:

These blueberry pancakes:

Walnut Fudge Brownies:


Apple Turnovers with/Icing

Feb. 1st was meant to make me cry. I did not. I have been blogging on Q's Wire -- detailing some of the issues. George I hear you own the site domain I want to use? I have been very productive over the last weeks and excited about the Washington Style project. Why tell you now. For some reason earpiece wanted me unhappy. FBI--how is that? Keep in mind-- earpiece continues to say-- settlement starting Feb. 1st and what will i donate to the effort-- washington style. This in lew of paying the boys. Time, free software, ideas, etc. why keep pretending. i never assumed it would start. I simply offered more ideas... to my original. Actually, I was told--- 10 million was taken out of the pot by the miltary-- and the source sued and asked that all of the money be returned. this about a week ago. Said other plans being worked-- because of this. i am not sure about the truth. I never ask about the money nor set dates. I only listen. So much fraud associated with this-- I let others be my eyes and ears. I assume there is a good reason-- because I do get-- those business partners need the books cleared... My relatives and dc vips-- too greedy and demanding the reason it was set in the first place... Huge fraud issues associated with all of this. Washington-- did not get no and for some reason thought i was one of them. They never read q's wire apparently.

Earpiece just offered how does that pay the boys? Gives to the area.. helps to shed another light on washington. Realtiy show and web site... could bring in a lot more to the area.. fresher look. I am john Q. Public. Aids and insurance not a could good mix. Washington-- needs to remember laws and that it is the nation's capital.

Update Feb 5th, 2013-- tested my shortbread cookie recipe with the plastic cookie cutters shown in the first illustration. The dough was so flakey I could not get it out of the cutter. 2 cups of flour, 1/4 cup of sugar, 3/4 cup of butter, and almond extract to taste. No egg. I tried flour and baking spray with flour in the cutter and it simply would not work. Use of the cutters may work with an egg recipe- but then it would not be my favorite shortbread recipe so I will have to think of another idea.

This post originally posted Friday, Feb. 1st 2013. Post date now reflects the 5th of Feb. My mistake when updating the post today.

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