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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

melt the butter...

I recently posted about a cookie idea I had for a project I am working on. I provided my original idea would not work because the dough was too flakey to achieve the results I wanted.

I made more cookies today-- and decided to try again. This time I melted the butter almost entirely. This worked. [View photo separately for more detail.]

I also found I had to dust the entire cutter with flour and wiggle it on the mat to insure the details were sharper. When I lifted the cutter the dough stayed on the mat.

These are the almond shortbread tea cookies with almond icing I made-- today. I did not ice Minnie and Goofy for the photos-- however feel if the idea were used-- brush on color could be used-- like that used by cake decorators.

My coworkers [from Boeing and Rockwell]-- wonder what I did before I started MarylandWired in 1998 and then QiSoftware [2002]-- [WiredPages 2004]? When not being hemmed up for one reason or another-- gardened, baked and watched a lot of HGTV and FoodTV. My gardens used to be beautiful and I have collected some of the best recipes.

I am still looking at the Washington Style project and waiting on more news from Washington. more positive signs than not.

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