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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

looking for camera pretty, creative, educated....

Sunday, I was researching for the Washington Style project I think about a lot when not being inundated with noise from the earpiece. I come up with ideas and discuss them. I am told there is a lot of interest. Unfortunately, government and CIA more interested than I want.

Anyway, I took an extended look at the author of this blog. I provide info like this-- because I get a lot of feed back whenever I do anything. I knew this before the earpiece was activated via-- abstract noise-- and so when I take an extended look at an individual-- I like noting it. Same thing happened with a house I fell in love with.

Also, I thought about the photos I took Friday-- as related to my outing and wondered if some might make a mistake as to my style awareness-- and my interest in this type of project. I feel the last year has aged me-- and my love of sweets with no treadmill is showing up.

As related to style-- many may note I am more conservative as related to my own personal style. I am more Meryl Streep in "The Devil Wears Prada"-- rather than the models and assistants' faddish styles in that movie.

I have some good ideas and really think I can launch a good business model, web site and hopefully a reality show. Do I want to be on television? No I am not camera pretty. That said-- I am creative. So is the author of that blog-- something I am looking for. I am looking for people with real credentials. Can I do anything right now? No, right now I am just looking.

Back to my style. Sunday, early in the day-- I was a bit concerned that my eyes in the Friday photos were too strained so I took the top photo to see if the strain was still there. Then I thought I should do something different with my hair.

I held it with a tight clasp-- and then curled the ends with a curling iron. This style looks better in person from the front-- but I have an oddly shaped head-- and I do not like my nape- line so I rarely wear it in this style.

The boys-- [earpiece] often tell me "they wish I would dress more often". I think it is an attempt to belittle. Control.. I like me.. I know my faults. I do not want you--- do not wish to have you desire me-- and am a little tired of you trying this crap on me.. I know who I am. stop.

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