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Saturday, March 02, 2013

haven't played with animated gifs in awhile...

Sometimes, I use ImageComposer on a Windows platform to edit graphics and photos. Not as much in recent years-- because I mainly use a Mac platform. That said-- ImageComposer came with an animated gif builder-- so I have been playing around with it.

I wanted to create an animated gif to simulate a splash banner of Washington photos I have taken over the years. Here is the animated gif-- I built.

Still talking about the Washington Style project. I have already determined that a professional web site design firm should be used-- however I have been playing around with concepts and demo's to help the designer get some ideas. Okay, I need a life? Hoping things are happening in Washington...

PS-- because the animated gif is low on the page-- you may not be able to see. Later on today-- I will provide a stand alone page so you can see it. See this link.

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