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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Amazon Stats 01.01.12 through 05.28.13

As reported in the most recent Business Blog Post, I am going to start updating the Amazon Affiliates Stats [upper right corner] for this blog and remix.

The recent Weed Whacker ad placed on this blog-- I am told did well. 300+ units sold. A taunt-- which is not reflected in my Amazon stats. That said-- Alexa has been dropping indicating I have more traffic now. In 2007, my Alexa ranking was in the 600,000 area. This was reported by Alexa. Via earpiece I am told it is now in the 300,000 range if not better. the stat today is 3,477,000. Amazon owns alexa. Is this their fault? My information says--- DOJ the hold up insofar as settlement and they [alexa] started updating the traffic stats because of the recent success of the ad. told the affiliates with deals are trying to force doj to start the settlement process. What is DOJ doing? Apparently, thinking I am insured washington filth that wants to play a game. I do not,. Amazon had a good deal. Why tell me this? This is fraud. Too many in washington want to own me.. they tell me this. I said no.. I have business things I want to do.. they cannot even do their jobs.. I have asked they stop this crap at once... they want me insured and part of the filth.. I have said no over and over... I asked about Anna Nicole recently.. Told she is alive, has no aids and has babies for men who want pretty kids.. Her mistake.. her son.. they hounded her to insure and when she did-- screwed her... Someone said last night when I asked about her case--You are right regina, damned if you do and damned if you don't. Jason-- did you like her lawyer? I said no.

The problem for washington-- i am owed and its loud.. ask PayPal, Skye, Amazon, Adense? The federal government even admits I am owed.. they hope to hound me to death or into insuring. I said no.

I have used our weed wacker quite a bit and told those who noticed-- went into stores to purchase. I even get notice in real life.

Jason my deal was set May 2012. DOJ said they would handle it.. Why is a lt. from the Pentagon in my ear this morning.. I said no.

Further, look at this stat-- I have only had 13 clicks for all sites with Amazon Ads since the summer of 2012. I have clicked more than that. Did you?

DOJ-- still testing? My heart is not a test-- I said stop pounding. Further-- Jason is ready, Jason is ready.. also not funny. Jason is supposed to be inserting my social security number correctly into my Federal Reserve account so that the funds will start to deposit in my bank.. this taunt daily. When not my social security number, the routing or bank account number. Is the Fed Reserve account set up? It was. Not sure now. You do not believe me? Ask the FBI for the tapes... Even they are mad.

did you purchase anything from my site [] including Wiredpages or It's Personal since Jan. 01 2012 [twelve] through May 28, 2013 [thirteen]? Not one order-- according to the stats. If you did-- contact the FBI or DOJ...

DOJ fraud is fraud... Pentagon-- leave me alone.

Pentagon-- I have asked repeatedly that your personnel stay out of my ear.. DOJ/FBI-- I am a civilian and do not wish to be engaged my Pentagon personnel. National Security? They keep asking to own and the hosting. I said no.. This to make me mad? Why? get the tapes.. I do not owe the Pentagon my business. I said get off me.

Do you know what's really crappy about this whole thing? the success of the ad made the washington idiot bunch again think it should own What I do not get-- how they are going to get Amazon to pay them and how to explain away the site's blogs? Do you get it?

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