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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

go figure...

This morning when I was wakened for the third time after a night of vibrations-- the earpiece said he wanted me to write about the conversation someone had with the girl who first talked with me yesterday, at the optometrist. I said no. What is the point? Earpiece said it will give us an excuse as to why we have not started the settlement payment process. I said-- I walked around for 30 years before this began--- and most clerks like that did not try that crap with me. Granted I used to wear a lot of size 6 or 8 black business suits-- however I said the problem with the girl is this process.

I did not remind the earpiece this morning, about the conversation someone had with the girl [I was told yesterday-- evening]-- but let me tell you what they discussed-- according to the earpiece.

Interviewer to the girl: Why are you talking to her in that manner?

Girl: I thought we were supposed to .. someone said Katie, local police told me to do it..

Interviewer to the girl: Do you think she is going to cater to you?

Girl: No-- she does not look the type and she did not.

Interviewer to the girl: So why do it?

Girl: To try and make her mad. Don't we want her mad?

Interviewer to the girl: No.

Interviewer to the girl: Do you know who Ben is that she refers to?

Girl: after being told-- really. She is more dainty than I thought she would be.

Dr. Beyers -- did you and your staff try things to make me angry in late June to early July 2012? Did you need another opinion as to my reaction?

They told me this morning we could stop this behavior if I wrote about it. I said--- a black suit does wonders for a rude cashier and my rights restored by washington.

My head was hammered last night. How do I know? Awoke with a headache and my face was swollen. Then-- about half an hour ago-- someone said-- "you are just not impressive enough to be the winner". You hammer me all night-- so I don't have to be impressive.

That did it. Believe it or not-- when I did my hair Sunday-- someone really said to me-- I wish that had not turned out so nice. Monday morning, when I reinstalled the forums index page-- someone indicated they wished I had to ask if I could do that.

When I reinstall the pages for remix or this blog-- someone says- I hate that you can do that. Thingamablog-- allows me to publish from my hard drive[s] to the site[s]-- with a click of a button. Entire blogs are republished in this manner-- insuring my posts are the original and not tampered versions. Someone in my ear hates I can do this.

What pissed me off? I am not impressive enough to be the winner. I was just looking at a female on the floor of congress. I do not mind if you pick her. I do not mind if Barrack OBama is impressive enough for you. I mind you clowns in my ear-- torturing me day in and day out-- telling me I am not impressive.

The good news-- told this morning no longer trying to get the bag. Will not get them anything. I am told WiredPages was impressive. Blogger Calender too. Me.. Unfortunately-- for losers with the government, I am all business-- and yes, I will be noticed. Tell US government idiots to get off me. Stay up all night torturing to convince me I am a loser? where are you going idiot? Why are you talking to a loser?

go find those beauties with their face lifts, mouths and play with your winners. I am 50+. they are 20+. No, I really look better now.. their words not mine. And, why do you keep breaking my exercise equipment? Why don't I have income? I am told both of those beauties make $250,000 a year, now. Me, nothing. have you looked around congress? Then you want me to insure to pay your filth? Will I be a winner then? I will take me. get off me-- idiot.

DOJ-- I said no to insurance-- again suggested this week and I said no to government employment. get those idiots off me.

When I use the category tag-- Fiction Question-- it is not whether or not it was said by the earpiece. It was. It is whether or not the information is true.

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