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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Skype Land Line Bill Paid-- 6.21.13

This crazy situation dictates-- I provide details like when I pay for web hosting, my business phone lines-- or other expenses associated with my business.

I use Skype for my main business line [443-393-6650] and my cell as a secondary line. In addition, I have two land lines in the house that I use for Federal Legal or business faxing.

On June 21st, 2013-- my business checking account was automatically billed for the Skype land line [443-393-6650]. Here is the receipt.

Earpiece provides that at times someone associated with the Federal Government will answer business calls to the 443.393.6650 line-- to get samplings. I am told a lot of folks are angry, mainly with those answering the calls. Statements like-- "Go get Regina" are often offered by callers.

I have repeatedly asked that this practice [unauthorized responses to my calls] be discontinued. If I get a call-- I will report it.. I do not get calls. I have a Belkin Skype phone that is always on-- and seldom rings. My call history reports will confirm this. The same is true for my cell phone.

DOJ lawyers also need to explain why this violation of my rights continues. What's going on with them? I am not sure.. they change their stories every 15 minutes.

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