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Tuesday, July 02, 2013

bob are you retired?

I cannot now remember what I was watching-- it may have been a movie with Taye Diggs-- that mentions the new Harlem Renaissance. Homes are being remodelled and property values escalating such that yuppies find it a very attractive place to buy.

I was also a big fan of "This Old House" with Bob Vila and Norm. This years ago when i was still with Rockwell. So when i was coming up with ideas for Washington Style-- I thought a rehab of a Capitol Hill Town Home would be an interesting segment if a reality show was being purposed as well as video footage for the website.

I often come up with ideas for Washington Style-- while I am waiting for washington to finish. I am told business likes the idea, however not that impressed that government types want to run it. Neither am i. I have said no. Too government that do not think like entrepreneurs.

So yesterday, when an earpiece voice claiming to be Robert Reischauer asked me why I thought it was a good idea-- and my question response was -- why would I pitch to you? I want to pitch to Discovery, Disney, Bravo or PBS-- did I "screw me again?" That said, when I first came up with the idea for a segment [rehab projects that dealt with all aspects of style]-- in late 2012-- everyone said it was a good idea.

Later in the day-- Bob said, he was trying to play devil's advocate and have me pitch to him so he could pitch to others. Someone else chimed in.. Bob, they actually want to talk to Regina and not you, okay.

I am told Robert Reischauer is x cia-- and somehow related to Angus.. I am trying to get DOJ to end this and US Government types from the cia will not know me when I do.. Bob-- I am told this day it is ending then it does not.. I was also told-- I screwed myself yesterday-- because Jason was supposed to start today. A good week because there were only 4 business days and they only wanted three payments for the week. Some think I have a smart mouth.. I think I am logical. I often worry about a young relative because of this.. I am logical. If I wanted to smart off -- I would.. I am not going to know government when this ends.. I am too disgusted with all of it. I have said-- if the FBI wants tabs-- I'll be more than happy to accommodate.. that's about it. Keep in mind my mother is a president's daughter and they have always had tabs. I screwed me because I told you no? Bob--- I keep thinking you look smart. Get washington off me.

The washington style project was my business donation to the area and I wanted to find the right team to run it. an old guy from the cia is not the right guy to run it-- especially if you need my ideas and everyone knows it.

Real business people do not like dealing with old government types unless to get a government contract. I do not want a contract. I want you to stop violating my rights and to get off me.

By the way-- since I wanted to rehab the house I am in and it is close enough to washington-- thinking this would be over any day-- I thought this house woudl be the first-- since it was going to be rehabed in the first place. Would I be in the show.. no-- just the contractor and the architect.

Tired of old cia all over me.. I said no.

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