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Monday, July 08, 2013

I know how old I am ...

Today, I ordered these shoes. I just had to have them.

Many were aware, that several years ago-- I waited too long to purchase a pair of Nine West Gladiators similar to these Steve Madden's.

When I was in high school we used to wear platform sandals with socks and painters pants year round-- amongst many styles. I wanted to get the Nine West version to do something similar with my jeans--- today. I looked everywhere for that shoe-- so this morning when I found the Steve Madden "Wanted" Wedge I put it in my wish list and the Listmania list [see last post] to show blog visitors.

Some feel-- I do not know my age-- though they tell me all the time I have great legs. I really do not ask for this feedback-- nevertheless I get it. So I wanted to put many at ease.

One, I have been wearing heels since high school and feel really comfortable in them. And two, I went to the office in suits and heels. My high school and college internships were in offices-- and when I worked pt at Circuit City in college-- I routinely wore suits, dresses and heels.

That said, I noticed this weekend many of the style bloggers I read- photograph in heels-- however when they go on vacation wear flats or no shoes at all. The thing is-- they are not wearing business suits with the heels they photograph in. They are more in "play" clothes. My point-- I buy heels to wear. For "Play" and "Business".

My new Maddens-- will been worn with pants, jeans and capris. You will be surprised how conservative they will look with my brown suede jacket, jeans, socks and Kenneth Cole watch. They will not be worn with short shorts. See these shorts?

They are Wranglers and I got them [full length jeans] when I was in high school. I probably cut them off when I was in college when I got my first pair of Calvin's [Kleins] -- which I also still have.

Did I ever wear platform shoes with these cutoffs? No. I wore my platforms with slacks back then-- too. Even if I could get into those shorts-- I would not wear the new Madden's with them. This looks cute on some. I would look like a bimbo.. I know how old I am... thanks.

Dear family-- thanks for the funds to get my new shoes for my birthday this year. My mother paid for the Kickers. The new Madden's? My birthday is the 20th of this month [July].. hint, hint.

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