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Thursday, July 18, 2013

House Plants...

I love plants. Both indoor and outdoor-- however this post is about my house plants. When I moved away from home after college-- I began collecting them.

When I moved to Hanover-- I began my collection anew. At one point I had about 30 plants on the main floor alone. I also had an Orchid. I say I am good with plants-- however some have died. The Orchid required different things [not soil, something that resembled wood chips]--and my first attempt failed. I plan on getting another.

Here are a few of my house plants...

recently changed potting soil brand..

The category listing shows hardware-- but one came from IKEA and the other a hardware store.

My niece when she was about 3 or 4, and I made this arrangement from 2" plants I purchased from the market. My sister had a similar of our arrangements-- but we think she killed it.

Most of the plants are in the den-- shown in the following photo.

The palm tree-- really does not match the den's decor-- and I rarely take photos of it. The arrangement on the mini-bar and the palm tree are behind me from the vantage point of the den photo, that's why you don't see them. I had a similar palm for many years in my Rockwell office [purchased from a florist in Georgetown Mall in 1985 or so]-- and got the plant shown-- soon after moving to Hanover. I really want something else for that space.

I use Miracle Gro Leaf Shine and Jobes Fertilizer Spikes.

... by the way--- air conditioner is working again.

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