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Thursday, August 22, 2013

updating my old stuff?

I took some ribbing about how dated the suits look- in my entry, two posts ago. [Of course, we all know by now-- I talk about my prior life for reasons other than just my past attention to style]. Did I tell you I also owned a leather mini-skirt I wore out clubbing? Yes, I dressed older early-- but sometimes young too.

That said-- here is another outfit that I liked for the office. A little less dated. I wore this outfit with little blue sling backs from 9West-- and sometimes switched the blazer from green to navy.

I am not sure if the turquoise sweater jacket below can replace the green wool blazer I wear with that dress [it has many shades of blue/green]-- but I can find a number of other things to wear with it. That color-- is one of the few colors that suits me outside of the drab autumns and olives I favor.

I have a detachable collar that may work with the Heather Charcoal sweater jacket-- for a different look.

Other news-- I washed my hair today, was awake early, offered lots of lies and in a pretty good mood anyway. My posts about fashion recently, have really made me envious of my prior life in that I can't just go shopping.

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