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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Working sites...

I have been working on different site areas [i.e. graphics on the WiredPages Style & Events page, social media linkage, blogs, Amazon stores, etc...], to include updating lists on the News, Software & Java forum.

Lists include:

The News, Software & Java forum is essentially an area of where I list things. SEO types love forums-- and although I like the idea of a forum, I knew I could not afford to have members update my boards with ongoing threads and posts. A web hosting service once deactivated my account [] because of the forums.

Today, there are about 1000 daily sign ups on the forums. Long ago, I wrote a php procedure to help manage the sign ups for the forums-- in that the underlying database could be overwhelmed.. If I ever move the sites to a dedicated server-- I will make the forums active to others.

That said-- my recent work on the boards led me to the administration page and logging I do not understand. I am the only administrator for the forums. FBI- do you see anything that means anything to you? Note Guests. That said-- hear to many updating what they should not update. IP logging.

News from DOJ/FBI? For some reason CIA still in the mix. I have already said no thanks. Not sure why the recent series of communiqu├ęs-- but I feel DOJ and FBI need to check into why the CIA continues on a path-- I have already said no to. Bad night.. get the tapes. I am not asking you to do what you promised to do-- why continue to do this? I said no.. my affiliates and the source of the funding said no... all agree I am owed and no national security threat. Why do you continue doing this... turn the vibrate off. FBI--- to see what kind of pressure I can endure? CIA needs to get off me. Dr. Beyers [BWMC] please give him your reports.. 18 years.. I am documented... Back off CIA.. not kidding.

In other news-- the Listmania powering the Amazon store in the sidebar of this blog is working again. This means I can again-- add and delete products from the Listmania that will show up in the astore widget in the sidebar. That said, the underlying categories associated with the store are actually populated by individual products I select but not stored in the Listmania. This store shows how to populate a store with both a Listmania and individual products. The only drawback? The category products are not part of the Listmania so those items are not rotated in and out of the astore widget with each request for a blog page. You can click on the Things I Heart link to review all of the categories. The astore on the Business Blog uses only individual products so you are able to see the products rotated in and out from the store's item list.

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