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Friday, September 06, 2013

Hard Week-- 9.6.13

Some of the things I have been up to-

  • Updating lists on the News, Software & Java Forums
  • I have found that while on hiatus from programing, I have been doing more design stuff- including looking through clipart galleries. Recent downloads from Microsoft:
  • Trying to stretch out these shoes with a tip from another blogger.

  • Updating the Amazon aStore associated with this blog-- see "Things I Heart" in the sidebar.
  • Listening to promises pledged, promises broken-- wondering if DOJ and the FBI can come up with any more explanations for the inaction-- after it was their promise in the first place...
  • Tired... Yesterday, I was so tired- I never turned on my computer. It is a rare occasion, on any given day- that I do not boot up my MacBook.

No promises in the pipeline thus far today.. Big one broken this morning... Amazon, please start looking at this more carefully.

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