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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Journal Entry 9.10.13

What have I been up to? Creating a new post on the NS&J forums discussing my online reads. Yes, sort of like a blog roll however maintained as a forum post.

Updating other lists on the forums and finding new things to add to my Amazon aStore "Things I Heart" like this folding bike.

I have owned a tricycle [temper tantrum Wilmington, NC], standard Schwinn [ChippingNorton, England], String Ray [Upper Heyford, England], 10 speed [Fort Meade], 12 Speed [Bowie, MD], Road Bike 10 Speed [Hanover, MD - current], but I have always wanted a folding bike.

What else have I been up too? Trying to stay upbeat while being handed a bunch of crap.

I sold 3 bikes last night? Not according to my stats? I had a lot of hits to the forums after posting the list? Not according to the forum counters... Well we [US Government personnel] disabled the counters. US government why is the concept of fraud [Adsense ads on every page of that forum] hard for you? Get off my sites. You request a list of my reads-- then laugh in my face? Why not on this blog? Already discussed.. thought it would make a great sticky topic.... I like a reason to have visitors return.

If you want to add your list to the thread [as a separate post]-- contact me. I started allowing a few to sign up-- and spent yesterday morning deleting a bunch of spam posts...

Yes Amazon, I am told you and other affiliates are trying a number of things... FBI-- tapes are bad. What gives?

FBI-- my brother needs to come over here again? For what? My mother is on the phone with Jan-- sitting on the deck. She comes in and says Jan said Cheryl had a hose burst and water was all over her basement from the washing machine. My mother then says she is going to Lowes. This as I am writing the first part of this post. There is one about 4 miles away near Glen Burnie. She returns home and says my brother is coming over to install the hoses.

Work men have been in several times over the last month installing a new air conditionar and toilet. The repair for the toilet did not go to the basement where the washing machine is located but the air conditioning folks did. Is it possible they noticed bad hoses and wanted to warn?

Every day-- I am told my settlement payments are due to begin. Everyday.. those claiming to be with the FBI are in my ear. FBI-- you tell me everything. If there was a problem-- why didn't you tell me? Why pretend cheryl had a problem therefore we may have a problem?

Too many trying to incite here.. That jones guy came over Saturday-- in a Rolls Royce. My mother sat out there making a big deal over it. The whole thing looked kind of bama. Earpiece had a lot to say.. including she did not want to offend him. But they told me he did not like her. He likes Camille and Jan. My mother to like me.. get off me. Not my mother.. offend him? I don't care if she likes him.. Earpiece saying a lot here..

I am going to be a very rich woman any day-- and all this crap is going on? Andre-- every night DOJ lawyers ask me why you have such a large trust. Not why I had no idea-- but why you have one.. they tell me they want me to pay for it. DOJ you need to check with Rock. Get the tapes. Why continue with this? Then you [my brother] want to come over? I am on the record.. I told you--. they do not like you. I do not pay for you.. Cous [his brother]-- you are not trying something else right.. I heard [spring 2012] a story about my niece and her grandmother.. I also heard that landed your mother in jail. stop. I said get off me. Why all this crap if any day I am very rich?

photo of the hoses my mother just came home with-- that my brother is to install today or tomorrow... Because cherly's washing machine flooded her basement?

First the new next door neighbors that never stop coming over? Then repair after repair. I am still trying to figure out what was wrong with the toilet. The AC... intalled incorrectly when my parents first purchased the place new-- so it needed one. But I was told I was moving and could rehab the house. Why now? And now this? DOJ-- why-- I am rich any day?

Asking Jones what's up with the Saturday limo demo-- he said I thought we wanted to cause a ruckus. Similar response given when the FBI questioned the clerk at the eye center in late June. Jones an old black guy. Big name star-- provided the old Rolls Royce? Yes I was told which. My question to DOJ? Why is "big name star" running sorties on my time. FBI-- explains what they are seeing and hearing. Sometimes the word sorties is used. Used on Saturday.. big name star running sorties. How insured is the big named star? I said no DOJ.

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