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Monday, October 14, 2013

Career Dressing..

I added another category to my Amazon aStore-- Career Dressing.

Some of the items I added to the store:

The longevity of a well tailored, classic business suit is enhanced by the fact it is dry cleaned-- and I still have many of mine.

Some feel I am too conservative or dress "old". For business and my career-- yes, this is true. That said-- a well tailored suit can add more credibility than you can possibly know. I never realized this until recently, because I have worn business suits since high school and my first internships in offices.

Recently, because now I do go to the mall in a more casual state- I tend to get more of the wrong notice. I used to go to the mall at lunch or right after I left the office- still wearing my business suit. I have always had big hair and makeup- no matter the outfit, so I do get notice-- however now I get come ons-- and not an offer for dinner.

In a suit (negating today, many seem to know of the issues surrounding me), I would not have to deal with this crap. Translated, in a suit I can look attractive, sexy and not have a guy ask if I want to know him-- the wrong way.

Some feel that a suit is simply "not sexy". I cannot tell you how many guys told me I looked attractive in my size 6-8 fitted suits-- without asking me if I was in the business. What do I know about being in the business? Nothing back then. Now- for some reason guys tell me about this side to their lives, way to often. When this happens, I indicate I wrote the code for the "Blogger Calendar" and not interested in what they can do for me.

Yes, I purposely turn it around, because most should know better. I have been me-- for way too long and I am known. And yes, I could go on and on about my accomplishments [Linkedin, developer/publisher WiredPages (yes, I can fix it...), owner QiSoftware, etc.], but usually choose the "Blogger Calendar" because if Washington had not already known who I was before 2004 when I developed that code, the world began to know who I was, after. It put me on the map.

Do I need notice? No-- I always had more notice than I wanted and did not tend to raise my hand. Not as an introvert-- just back then, not really knowing who I was related to [and why an obnoxious person would want to talk to me]. I learned to disengage very early in my young life.

That said, I love style. I love dressing up. When we lived in England I first began to notice the difference in my mother when we went out. She put on makeup and a nice dress and I would think-- I am going to do that when I grow up. Not that I did not look nice and neat as a child when I left the house. Everyday-- I looked nice and neat. Just not grown up-- with my hair out and wearing makeup. I knew I would do this when I grew up.

The oxymoron? I am a nerd. I read a lot, I love math and I chose programming as a career field.

Do I dress differently than most engineers? Yes, even for a corporate engineer. Dressed, I look like a television lawyer-- and not a typical programmer/engineer.

Today, I read fashion bloggers, not really liking the womens' outfits in movies and television shows any longer. Where are the "Designing Women", LA Law, Angie Harmans' lawyer look?

I keep asking- did "Maid in Manhattan" fire all the entertainment stylists or did they decide she looked way to cute in that outfit and go home? Lets all look unprofessional rather than professional? Am I sometimes way too honest?

I do not really see the business attire I love. I try to find Earth Cams to see what business women are really wearing to the office. As I said-- I did not dress like my friends. I liked Charles Angels [the originals] in high school and college for casual wear, and in television shows and movies the star's roles as career professionals and what they were wearing for a business look. I considered college to be business.

That is why I have been searching online for business suits-- that I would buy today if I had to go to the office daily. I used to go out to shop-- trying on a suit before I purchased it.

Here are some examples today, of what I like for business. Any surprises?

I have always gone shopping well dressed-- and never had a problem with clerks not getting I spent money on clothes, makeup and shoes. Did I get their respect? Yes, looked like I spent money. As I said never a problem when out shopping.

I often see women with attractive figures in outfits that do absolutely nothing for them. Some have indicated, their guys do not need a sexy outfit. Mine do... For me, I simply like the "right" sexy.. a business suit with a pencil skirt. If I am thinking a guy looks good enough to know outside of work, I want him to know I want to look sexy.. my hips swing and my legs look nice in a pencil skirt.. Sexy is a state of mind. A business suit can achieve it.

I do not mind you like your girl. As a matter of fact, I tell you this often. I want you to like your girl. I mind her in my business. She is not qualified. She picked out the suits for my latest store category? How's that? Why even suggest that? My affiliates should pay her? These outfits "too me".. what does she have on? Please stop wasting my time. Get off me. Is anyone asking why? Get the tapes.

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