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Friday, October 18, 2013

Fall Rainy Day Style...

My mother and I often dredge around in the yard [pruning trees, cutting back gardens, etc.] in these boots and this Totes Rain Poncho.

Though the boots are kind of cute, they would clash with a suit.

Did I wear rain boots to the office? No. When I think of the many days I trekked in from South Parking to the Pentagon schiff where I worked as a Defense Contractor, my feet still hurt.

Insofar as fashion is concerned-- I am not eclectic, so it would have never occurred to me to wear socks and sneakers with stockings and a suit-- a popular style back then. I wore heels that matched my suit- all the time even when it rained.

Today, rather than ruining a pair of leather or suede pumps on a rainy day, I would choose something like this. Yes rubber boots but with color...

Because I am older and wiser? Maybe, but mostly I like keeping my old things for as long as possible. I hate ruining shoes.

Speaking of Fall, do you love this jacket? I do. I want it in black. Do I need another Fall jacket? Okay, maybe not- but I do not have a nice black jacket [yes, a black sweater like jacket]-- and I really love this style.

So what are you doing this weekend? It has been so warm in our area, the leaves have not yet turned, let alone fallen-- however as you can see from the photo with the boots- our Mums are out.

I have started my Holiday shopping and pretty happy about that. News from Washington? Not so happy about things there, however nothing I can do at this time. Teasers. Two or three issues they are working on, etc.

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