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Thursday, December 05, 2013

Doings Lately, 12.5.13..

Yesterday, I had a fuss fest on Q's Wire. Today, its back to business. I ordered my last gift this morning and I am pretty pleased with myself.

The other day [Tuesday, December 3, 2013], my mother gave me an early gift. A Mandolin Slicer. I have wanted one since arriving here- and at last I have one. I am always slicing up potatoes, onions and green peppers, or grating cheese- so she decided I needed one, too.

This model works pretty good, however if you think you are a gourmet chef, check out some of the more pricier models available. This is all I need for right now.

I love gourmet hot chocolate [Godiva, Ghirardelli-- check out my "Gift Ideas"], however SwissMiss is pretty good too. The other night I made a hot chocolate with some of the whipping cream I had leftover from Thanksgiving.

Yesterday, my mother went to lunch and one of her girlfriends gave her a new plant.

I am a little concerned she does not want to put water in it. As I write this, she is on her way to find a water mister. It is an "Air Plant" and does not need soil. The instructions indicate one should soak in water for 30 minutes once weekly-- however she has decided that is not what it needs. Sometimes I feel tested [glad I did not put water in it last night when she left it right there for me to worry about]-- and in this case, I am going to let her worry about the upkeep of it. What does this say about me? Newcomb [old observation], I am rarely that fast. Never was.

News from Washington? Odd.

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