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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Mom's Office Space

My mother has her own little office space in her bedroom. Before Christmas [this year], she had an inkjet printer connected to her desktop computer but no way to print from the HP Notebook she received last year for Christmas.

The other problem- though she did very little printing, the ink cartridges needed to be replaced often. Ink drying up may have been part of the problem.

In recent years, I have noticed color laser printers have gone down drastically in price, so this year I decided to get her one. I was very concerned about toner replacement issues, however I think I found a solution for that too [more on this later].

Here is her new setup.

You can find the two port printer switch hub- I selected, in my Amazon Business Solutions Store.

When I need to print- I use one of two black and white laser printers [one being the Brother FAX also listed in the store]- or an Epson Color InkJet. That said, I am envious of her new color laser printer and installed the printer driver on my netbook [used the HP Notebook connection for testing]. Works beautifully.

My sister purchased extra supplies for the printer, so my mother should be good to go- insofar as printing, for years to come.

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