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Saturday, January 25, 2014

who knew...

Several of the bloggers I read- have recently moved to new homes. Most use Instagram to record events in their daily lives- including how their moves are going.

Web development issues dictate I insure my tools are backward compatible so I tend to keep older versions of browsers rather than update. The downside to this? New advances with AJAX and JQuery are not compatible with the older browsers I tend to keep.

Services like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook-- all use new advances to create sleek user friendly experiences. That said, they are not user friendly with the old browsers I use.

This to explain why, until this week I had no idea I could not sign up for Instagram without a compatible mobile device.

I did start using an updated version of Firefox I downloaded sometime ago- [on my Macbook] so that I could update my Twitter design-- and discovered I could upload images and videos to my Twitter account. I am not sure if I can share the photos with other services like Tumblr- but plan on testing this option in the near future.

So this week, I have mainly worked on design issues- but found time to do a little reading.

Some of the new links I found interesting this week:

Recently, I have also posted to forums more than normal- while researching issues I have been having with my sites and planned productivity software purchases. I have been busy [and snowbound]- but also found time to watch "Drive" with Ryan Gosling. A movie I enjoyed.

Plans for next week? Continue downsizing my bag-- recruitment for the Facebook Thingamablog Group-- and hopefully more news from Washington.

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