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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Scenes From Today- Feb 20th, 2014

Started the morning with my usual cup of espresso.

The last several days, we have had 40+ degree days- so the snow is melting. Yet, because of location [house straddles a corner with tall trees which the sun crosses in a diagonal path from the left front to the right rear]- it always seems to take the snow in our yard longer to melt.

We were supposed to get our new recycle trash container on Valentine's Day, however because of the snow it was not delivered until today.

I am not sure how we will fit it in the garage.

Other things I have been up to today?

  • Added a new post to my Tumblr blog-- a photo reblog.
  • Added new links to my Tumblr blogroll- lower page.
  • Added another Coach Bag to my Amazon Store.
  • Searched way too long for a Recycle Webding.

Last evening, I updated the social media icons and links in the upper right corner of this blog to include a link to my Tumblr blog. If you were counting-- you noted, I replaced rather than added to the icons. The QiSoftware PayPal verification icon and link were replaced.

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