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Friday, February 21, 2014

Paid Rent, Paid Web Hosting.

This morning, finally paid some bills that were bothering me. Last month I had a problem with a company I ordered blow dryer parts from. Abstract confirmation-- Washington interfered. The reason, I worry about paying bills.

This morning, paid the annual rent for my business address. My mother left me the van-- in case I wanted to go out, however I paid over the phone without a hitch. Was very happy to note that later when I went to the bank and after I came home and checked online-- the pending status of the rent I had paid earlier. Not because I have any problems with paying the annual rent in the past. This protects me and the business I rent from. Too many in Washington with access to my life like doing bad things. For example and documented on Q's Wire, double billing web hosting, access to my Amazon account, purchases I did not make. I note things like this because I want the FBI to continue protecting me and the businesses I do business with.

Also, paid the web hosting bill for for the period 3/1/14 through 6/1/14. Paypal and my web host acknowledged payment received however the transaction is not yet showing "pending" at the bank. I stopped allowing direct payment and use PayPal-- so this may be the reason for the delay.

I have emails, bank receipts showing new balances and screen grabs all acquired today as proof.

Washington news? Another drum roll last night but it may have been to check the behavior of many who will not let go. Under no circumstances will I ask any lawyer to act as my agent at this time. DOJ owes the explanation. Not an outside lawyer. Settlement template negotiated and funds put into play in May 2012. Stop insulting me. Further-- listen and get that crap out of my ear. I said no.

I will provide proof if a problem arises.

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