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Thursday, October 16, 2014

don't know what to say...

Earpiece lied. Said the FBI asked the court to remove my name and they got what they wanted. Received the court's response today. I thought this might happen.

I am being tortured so they can continue to play this sick game. I said no.. that said-- I will not be arrested for not showing up. I am saddened these people chose to do this. I am owed settlement == not more harassment from maryland.

Will be faxing the FBI and DOJ to find out why this was allowed. I am not lying about the threats. I stopped going out in May 2012-- because I found the Defense Security Report-- showing all jurisdictions in the area gave me a clean report. The huge file--along with my software and computers make it very hard to get around.

In the Fall of 2011 someone in a utility truck [Major company in maryland] tried hit me. Not once but twice. things like this happened often before 2012. I was on my way to Lowes off of 174 in Glen Burnie to get a tool that would unscrew a broken bolt from my elliptical. The reason I know when it was. I have been busy-- listening to discussions from the earpiece since Feb. 2012-- learning about aids, kids I did not know existed and horrors I had no clue about.

Earpiece activation in Feb. 2012 and then locating the security report from the Defense Intelligence agency. Someone thought I stopped going out because of a broken tooth in August 2012. No. I told them about Kathern Grant of TFCU and why she did not show the payoff of a credit card debt in 1992 or so. The report showed I paid off the debt. I stopped going out because I have too much to carry which now also included a huge report from the Defense agency.

The report was mailed to me in 1997 and should have many asking why were police and others violating her rights from 1995-1998.

Settlement negotiations in May 2012. That is why I was at all the banks I once had accounts with.

Since finding the report in May 2012-- of which I provided information to kathern Grant at Tower Federal Credit Union, I have been to the following places:

  • Chevy Chase Bank [now capital one] to insure the Business Account I opened in Oct. 2004 was closed. This the day after I found the report in May 2012.
  • Weekly visit to my bank about 2 miles away. I use the drive in window.
  • June 2013 to have my Driver's License Renewed. Columbia Motor Vehicles Center.
  • June 2013 to have my eyes checked -- Arundel Mills Mall
  • July 23rd, 2014 I went into the bank to open a business savings account. Stayed about 30 minutes.
  • A two week stay in Linthicum starting July 24- Early August 2012.
  • Driven to BWMC by DB Loud of the Anne Co Police on June 18th, 2012. No problems with others trying to hit us.
  • My car died Dec. 2013 and I decided not to risk the repair at this time. Historic tags prevent it from being used on a daily basis-- and I am happy to have it safe and secure in the garage.

When I need to go out--- I go out and deal with business people and retail folks in a competent manner. I am not an introvert-- nor do I shy away from people. My bank-- should be able to confirm from the July 2014 visit. I was there for about 20-30 minutes and all went fine. It is very hard to get around with my stuff and I will not leave it unattended. The work you used to know on Wiredpages is all mine. The problems are easy for me to fix--because I have the old code and solutions I can implement. I have not updated the code because of security issues.

I rarely go out-- so I cannot show recent real problems with other drivers-- but I assure you they are there. I also do not have use of my car..

The other day-- I was explaining to listeners that I am forced to listen to everything. I line things up--when others do not have all the gossips and others providing details that they do not have. yes, the fbi has all the tapes-- however the same person is not always on. I am ... this seems to have caused some concern...

One example I was able to line up.. who chirpy was. The original console chatter who started the discussion about the dead child and Aids. Maclaughlin JR. We even discussed this last night... it was said [said bob said it] they wanted me to blame the bald army general [not really a general] who is bob rosistikies son for the death and not Max's son. The indication last night that's why one of the first things Chirpy told me was a child died and they were not sure if it was the dad or the son. He did say--the the dad went to jail for child endangerment. {Problem-- the birth mother had aids-- and the child gave Max's son aids]. I had no idea what chirpy was talking about at first and thought Chris hartman was the dad of the child that died originally. According to bob last night they wanted a libel suit. Everyone knew a billion dollar settlement was put on the table in Oct. 2011 by my affiliates, except me. Tapes should confirm. Washington decided it wanted a part of it. That was why the frantic search for the frequency of the earpiece in the left ear. Chirpy said he searched and searched for it. It was never initialized so it is an odd number. Ask those that have it. It is also said gizzy had a child with the bald general and the state has custody. Not sure of the truth .. but I do not owe this crap.. I was able to line up chirpy because of the pieces that were provided over the two year period from feb 2012- Feb. 2014. Another issue also discussed last night-- but for some reason I thought they were really testing something. Maybe I should not have explained I am always on...

Maybe, I need witnesses at the court house.

FBI-- this is a mistake and too dangerous. If they understand the situation why on earth would they insist this be done? Too many want me to feel old and ugly as away to own.. I am so tired of this mentality... I keep hearing about a "jew way". I will go into more detail on Q's Wire. Ask my bank.. do I come off as if I want them to waste my time... When there I am polite and ask them to do this or this. I do not cower. BWMC-- should also say the same.. why would this court insist?

I have been hold up here since May 2012-- waiting on relief from the torture [september 2012 when it began in earnest] and settlement process-- trying to protect me and my software-- so they can force this? Why do they need me to risk this?

Does this have anything to do with "I am always on" and washington decided to clean their souls in my ear? Not sure... DOJ-- I need you to respond before the court date...

For someone who was unsure what to say--when I started this post-- I found a lot. I repeat.. I am saddened people continue to do this in my life.

Just reading the old post that referenced when I found the Defense report. Earpiece lied a lot-- or confirmed what I thought to be true. Lester is Sharon's son. Brenda White-- Joyce Anderson's. Both my father's kids.

Side note: My mother has been asking lately if I want to have my car repaired. She [my mother] started in the spring of 2014. My car is an 1990 RX 7 white convertible with about 150,000 miles on it. It runs well and because it has been garage most of its life, in good shape. I am the original owner. The top is not really a rag top but does come down, even though it has a real rear window and the top center piece is hard making it ride like a closed-in sedan. I believe this has added to its longevity. Several have asked if they can purchase the car. It needs a new battery. The last time I took my car in-- someone wanted the engine. Confirmed with earpiece activation. They had to put my engine back. My mother often thinks if I give a little here or there-- it might get better. It won't, and they have already taken too much. I need dOJ to do their job. Someone is saying the one day report for the jury summons is meant to send me to the repair shop... I have changed the battery myself before--but for some reason do not want to mess with it now. It started this summer when I jumped it. The court did this to force me to get the battery replaced? FBI-- this sounds even worse. Are you listening?

Before the battery died in Dec. 2013 many warned the local police wanted to stop me on the tags violation. I did not drive it often. They may want it repaired on the same issue. Not sure. Everyday they say this is almost over. Why do they continue this crap?

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