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Monday, October 20, 2014

don't want to pay for this...

Unless otherwise notified, I have limited jury duty in mid November 2014. Quite frankly, if investigators were listening over the weekend or this morning, I am surprised. My claims, about personal safety and the security of my property can be substantiated with surveillance tapes from not only this weekend and this morning, but over the last two years as well.

That said, I called the jury office on Friday, Oct. 17th, 2014 to explain my book bag and to ask "What I could expect?". They said, I could keep the bag with me always, even in the courtroom, but I would have to leave all electronics off.

The jury office also told me I could contact the security office for the court-- to coordinate and explain my large book bag, after I explained its contents and the fact I never leave it unattended. I decided to make the call this morning.

I want to stop for a moment and tell you about the movies I watched over the weekend:

  • Streets of Blood
  • Non-Stop

I liked both movies and glad I set a reminder for each, to catch them from the beginning- when I noticed them [already, in the middle] while flipping channels.

Streets of Blood, with Val Kilmer and 50 Cent left me asking questions. Yes, the movie is based, in part on true events in New Orleans, though not credited in the movie itself. Nice to have federal Investigators on...

So this morning, when I was given the run around by Maryland Circuit Court Employees, including a transfer to "Lockup"-- several got in my ear and told me the employees were told off.

I have long stated I do not wish to be bait for "bad behavior" because I tend to pay for the censor. I also, explained this morning, I do not want to be the "Federal Officer" in the movie "Streets of Blood".

The following illustration show my setup and how I make calls--when I am concerned about the behavior of those i am calling:

I do not know if any people were really censored, but I do know this situation has many divisive qualities to it. It maybe that others are given the wrong information just to see what happens-- and get angry when its really not what they thought. I then show up-- and they are still angry-- when they thought it was a game.

I am told, I sometimes have world wide audiences. Anyone with a HAM radio can pick up the audio from this house. I am not trying to have more issues because you do not understand that. I broadcast calls to open air. Not to my headphones earpiece. Please do not blame me-- because you did not know that. I am telling you now. Your voice is live, loud and clear when I make these calls, and can be heard by more than the Federal Investigators on and listening.

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