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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Anne Arundel County Sheriffs FAx 10.27.14

Last week, I tried to get the number for the Court Security Office by contacting the Jury Office at the Anne Arundel County Circuit Court. For some reason, after telling me to call back [the week before]-- they were unable to assist me with touching base with the court security office. This was Friday.

Yesterday, when I attempted to get the information again-- I ran into the same problem. Speakers setup in the same manner as discussed here.

I should have checked online-- see here [See Courthouse Security Administration]. In the mean time I did reach another number at the Sheriff's Department ---not the one shown in the page I provided-- and whoever answered the phone-- after I explained my concerns with the book bag, invited me to fax the package I sent to the court, fbi, and doj on Oct. 12th, 2014 which produced a quick response that my judy duty obligations would be limited to only one day.

Here is the fax I sent. In case you forgot, I also provide photos of my fax station.

This morning, my head was pounded. When I awoke, I knew it. The joke-- how did I like my new look for court. My head tends to swell when I am pounded all night in the head. Who did they say was on? Samantha [tennis pro] of Angus and John Winston's House, and Kristen of Clay's House, and Danielle of Guy Allen's House. Mostly, kids of guys I once knew at Rockwell.

Also said the Maryland States Attorney was on and Federal Marshals would be helping her to do what the judge asked her to do. I was told last week the ACLU and FBI won and Maryland was supposed to take me off the rolls. I am told the US Attorney-- Rosenbaum and the States Attorney did not want to. As of yesterday, I was still showing on the rolls. Yesterday when I spoke with someone at the jury office, she kept trying to tell me about her vacation last week. Was it the States Attorney? The description I have of her-- stocky Jewish woman, wears a black leather coat and when I saw her [told who she was], had short curly brown/black hair. Does this ring a bell with anyone? Also explained to me that she is the same States Attorney responsible for a hold on my business bank account in May 2012 which had to be removed per DOJ. This woman has been all over me for awhile, they tell me. DOJ why? I saw her once at Panoras Bread in Hanover the reason others point to her and I know what she looks like. She said, if that was her-- she was trying to do something-- and the judge was interfering with her goal. For some reason, i am told rosenbaum and this stocky female think I a need a lesson? the reason I have jury duty.. what lesson. My software will be stolen if I leave it in my safe? I already know that.

Is any of this true? Check the surveillance. I am not sure-- but it sounded like a bunch of idiots that too many are allowing free rein and access to my life. They are also torturing me. I said no thanks...

I was told there was also a Sheriff's worker on last night/this morning. I thought AA County for the Court. Someone just got on-- and said yes, I did notice what you discussed-- but I felt it was a joke too. Something about the Fairth Ford issue bugs me. My response-- if I had known that overweight skank was anywhere near my 12 year old sleeping body-- I would have told her to get off me. did this happen? I have no idea. Do these people want her to go to jail? First Kristen and Bencic tell me who their are. Then within the last week Clay Jones explains Kristen is his kid with faith the reason she got on over the summer, and then Sunday night-- Bencic is Puten's. I knew she was Kristen's. I did not know Clay and Puten. I would not have guessed Faith ford was Kristen's mother. Kelly Rippa yes. her, no.. Faith-- explain to me why your people will not leave me alone... I cannot point a finger. why do they think I owe you? Applegate's husband is yours with bill. I am told most of ARundel in the 70s knows who you are... I am not saying you did anything to me. Arundel is telling me what you were up to back then. I knew about Karen Eldridge from Sharon. She told me you were gay.. I had no idea. Now? Have your people continue to point at this... Says you are owed jail... Did you know people like Silvia Mays, Potts, Hebron are also on? They are not saying I was a whore. Get the tapes.. I had no idea what happened to Ysida and her sister Sonia after I left Fort Meade. Sharon, I think when I was in college-- told me about Karen and Sonia [Faith]. that was all I knew. Sheriffs worker-- FBI is not ow? A judge should not take into consideration Faith did something to me when I was 12 and you are upset. A judge has to consider the rape if it happened. I have no knowledge of anything like that. Clay Jones-- was in a position to have me fired in 1995. Was this part of it? Or the dead child. Or that I did not have aids... Not sure why.. but all play a factor I believe. I cried and moved on. then my rights were violated. Now they want to own me and my business? I do not owe these people. fBI- why does this continue. I said no. Some are just mad-- I said no. I did not know. Then when I found out--- I did say no. You have to be a child to join this type of crap. I was not an abused child.. I cannot join the filth in washington.. get off me.

Some people do not seem to understand the meaning of Extortion which is a federal Crime. Please see here.. Pounding on me with the consoles and understanding that it hurts me-- constitutes extortion especially when you are trying to get money or a deal out of me. Yes, some of you simply suggest you want me to die. Why? Some say I make them feel stupid. That may not be extortion-- but torturing someone with government issued equipment can lead to your arrest.

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