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Monday, November 03, 2014

Start of November...

Did not do much with the start of the new month. There are subtle changes happening, but I am not sure why. More noise about this being over.

Last week, I did not get to the bank until Friday [normally Wednesdays] and for the past 6 months or so, mostly uneventful insofar as the short drive over. Friday, was a little different in that a black female in a white Lexus wanted to take my "right of way". This used to happen a lot-- and I was a little surprised this started again. If you are trying to help-- in an attempt to show I am too known [in the public] as related to the Jury Summons, all are aware. Yes, there are video cameras at the intersection in question-- but I can assure you there are plenty of people on the consoles that hear and see those threatening me.

At one point yesterday, one sheriff's worker was surprised he was talking to and seeing that pro tennis player. There is plenty of noise online-- without demonstrating issues while I am out.

I am told that most law enforcement personnel, along with US attorneys and their investigators have access to software that enables them to see most public cameras as well as those in my residence. The problem-- some have access to the consoles with gain, volume and vibrate controls that can hurt me.

Examples of the software law enforcement personnel has access to is seen in the movie "Anatomy of Deception".

We did not have any issues with Trick or Treaters on Halloween-- but we tend to keep the lights off and blinds closed until late into the evening.

Weekend activities included:

  • Movie: Snitch
  • Movie: Free Ride
  • Movie: Gone Girl-- hearing good things but have not seen it yet.
  • Movie: Anatomy of Deception [LMN movie]-- showed pc surveillance software usage.
  • Tennis: ATP Masters Finals - Paris
  • Football: A bit of the Maryland v. Nittany Lions [Penn State]
  • Football: A bit of Redskins v. Vikings

This morning, I have been researching and adding things to my Amazon Store [check out the new Anne Klein watch in the Brass section], downloading photos from my camera to my photo flashdrive and trying to come up with a gift idea for my Mother's birthday [later this month].

I have not tried to call the sheriffs department nor anyone else in Annapolis since last Tuesday-- and do not plan to call until closer to the date I need to appear. The topic is heavily discussed online and I am told lots have been calling to say they know of me and that I am right about being to known for this type of summons. Most agree, nevertheless I have not received an official notice that I do not need to appear.

A real problem for those in washington-- why I do not have to insure and they had to.. I continue to ask-- were you given a choice? I was not. I was not even told. Not until Feb. 2012. You had a choice. I think it sounds bad that you continue to scream at me -- when I know most of you had a choice. You are asking that I be given no choice. That is unfair. That said-- who did and who didn't? Disavow is the answer.. that means-- be quiet and move on. It is unfair you are screaming at me..

And US Attorneys-- it is unfair you want me to see a commercial lawyer when my affiliates are not requesting a law suit. Why are you--if you already okayed the settlement? According to US Law Firms, the US Government owes the most and the reason for the situation. My affiliates are not the US Government yet have offered to pay their part of the settlement. The attorney scream-- file a law suit. If this ever ends-- I do plan on hiring attorneys. More than one. All agree I am owed and the funds were made available. Why do you continue to scream at me on this? And US attorneys, I bring up the software for the pc used in the movie-- because most of you were doing a little more than screaming at me last night. I am told most of you-- used to have only the software. You are violating my rights and causing me physical distress. Please stop.

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