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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Just Logging In... 01.21.15

The Australian Open started [here] Sunday evening, and I have been watching quite a bit of that. [Prize Money Info]

Live coverage is being offered by ESPN2, WatchESPN [Tablet Apps and Flash offerings], and The Tennis Channel. There may be others, however these are the offerings I can tune in, too. Check here for what may be available in your area.

Anyway, last night around 7:00, I set up my Mother's Verizon Ellipsis [which now has the WatchESPN app installed], my Acer Netbook [for live scores], and the television in the den, for an evening of live Tennis.

ESPN surveys about the app-- and though I tend to ignore these types of surveys, want to offer- "I am very impressed with this offering", i.e., WatchESPN App for Androids. Compared to the Flash version via one of my computer's web browsers- the Verizon Ellipsis app-- it is amazing. The results are just as good as the HD television even if the screen is a bit smaller. The Flash option uses a bit less bandwidth.

Other things I have been up too?

  • Movie: Philomena
  • Made Almond Cupcapes w/ Almond Buttercream last week.
  • Saw this huge bird in one of the neighbor's pines. [You can enlarge that image. Do you know what it is?]
  • As noted by earlier posts, updating operating software for one of my computers and researching issues that have come up.
  • My Mother recently purchased a new cabinet for the living room, so I am thinking about what she can put on it. For those of you who knew me when I lived in Bowie, yes that is the chair that was in my bedroom.
  • Thinking about the huge cocoon that fell from a tree in the front yard. It is so ugly, I would not take a photo. I think the weather confused the inhabitants. It looked like a big gray basketball. I was a bit concerned school kids might come by and play with it. I think someone tried to set it on fire... I hate things like this.

The huge bird in the tree:

Had the Apple Strudel shown in one of the images below-- this morning for breakfast. My Mother went to Costco yesterday, and purchased the PopChips [had for a snack last night] and the Strudel. Yes, the diet is on hold.

Australian Open Tennis is on for another week and a half, so that will keep me busy. I am also working on more upgrades for the same computer system I have been working on and there is news from Washington, though a bit confusing so I will keep it to myself. By the way, abstract reports suggest many of you downloaded the Java Runtime "fix" referenced in the last post and are pleased with the results. I am too.

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