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Saturday, February 07, 2015

Learning About Tablets, iPads, Androids...

As I explained in an earlier post, I watched quite a bit of the 2015 Australian Open, both via the Tennis Channel and WatchESPN. The latter, via my mother's Verizon Ellipsis Tablet.

I was so impressed with how well the tablet worked, running the WatchESPN app- as compared to my netbook and browser, I decided to get my own, i.e., tablet.

Resolution and data processing speed- keys to why my mother's tablet was clearer with fewer digital hiccups. The comparison relied on the same WiFi offering [Quantum Speed Verizon FiOS], so it was easy to surmise- the browser and the netbook's resolution the reason the picture was less than that of the tablet.

My purchase choice was based on available funds and tablet resolution [and though I am happy with my choice, have decided to provide no further details, other than to say, I also purchased a Bluetooth keyboard].

The tablet arrived Thursday, and I have been busy setting up all of my accounts.

Initially, I had a problem connecting both WindowsXP systems [Netbook and Desktop in my office] to my new tablet. To resolve the problem, I downloaded and installed the following files on both systems:

One pro amongst many, as related to the purchase of my new tablet; my location is always being broadcast [via the tablet's on-board GPS]. I also have the Skype app installed, and it is always on. What does that mean FBI? It means-- others should not be picking up my calls. Neither on my Skype line nor my mobile line. Yes, I do have a dedicated Skype Phone and my netbook, when I have it on-- also boots with Skype on. Unfortunately, because of security concerns, as related to my work-- I cannot open up the netbook nor is GPS installed on my netbook. I can leave my new tablet open.

Also this week, I started a new project. With all of the professional tennis I watch, I have become more interested in statistics. Tournament prize money being one, so I developed my own spreadsheets and Java Servlets to help me track the data.

This week was an odd mixture of productive projects-- and irritations beyond belief. I am hoping the irritations subside very soon.

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