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Saturday, February 28, 2015

here we sit...

My mother and I have been debating a new dining set for the area just off the kitchen. It is the area where I work when I am on the main level of the house.

Over past year and a half, I have found items I liked and so has she. Last Fall we agreed on a set-- but for whatever reason did not order it right away from Amazon. I also wanted chocolate leather chairs to replace the old ones and keep the table we currently have.

She did not like the chocolate leather chair idea. So before Christmas she showed me a set from the Post Exchange on Fort Meade. I did not like it. She ordered it anyway. [Privately, I am told my mother is owed by the US government and she is supposed to receive goods and services-- to the tune of one million a year.] I am not sure if this is true-- but when the new toilet was put in the guest bathroom-- we had problem after problem. I am told she had the installation done for free. I am not sure about the toilet itself. The company that put it in was a local Maryland company and owed the state. I am told-- governments pay people like my mother by giving them free services like installation of toilets... the plumber who installed it left some sort of netting on the outtake pipe and for the first 8 months or so-- the toilet stopped up every other week. We were finally able to force with the plunger the netting off the pipe. How do I know about the netting? Earpiece.

Many in my ear tried to instigate the issue with the new dining room set my mother wanted. I did not and some felt it unfair I did not have a say. But this is a tactic to see if I want to join a pity party for myself. And they are willing to help instigate the issue. Why? think they would like for me to get so pissed off-- I do something crazy. I have been here a long time hoping DOJ/FBI kick in. I rarely knee jerk or get mad... Rather I think-- someone wants me to knee jerk or get mad.

She ordered the table before Christmas and it just arrived last night. Yesterday during the day, I helped her move the old stuff to the basement and we waited all day for the guys to arrive.

The PX [post exchange] told her they would put it together. The guys-- brought in 3 heavy boxes, walked around the den and asked where we got the swords and left. My mother cried all night. She called the PX while they were standing there and they were supposed to get back with her.

A lot of folks were on last night. I am told, Jan likes the table. I hated it. Because it was free--- and I was due to get out of this she would give the table to Jan if and when this was over.

I am not sure this will ever be over-- but many were screaming she should have had a real deal and not the promise of federal and local governments to give her things-- up to a million a year.

The black guys that came in last night, were awful. I was sitting on the full couch and one came all the way around to ask if this was the LMN network that I was watching. He then preceded to ask about the swords.. No, I did not scream. This was my mother's project.

I am also told who ever came in wanted access to the area.k It is very easy to install micro cameras in ceilings and walls but not if i am sitting there. I do not want anymore cameras in here. They thought I would go upstairs to work. At 2:45 pm yesterday, with the explanation the guys would be here between 4:00 and 6:00 pm, I packed up my Macbook-- [wrote a post about paying my web hosting bill yesterday on Q's Wire]; then packed up my netbook and tablet and moved to the den. I normally use the love seat-- but chose the couch to insure they could not talk to me if they saw me. He just came right on in and began talking as if we were old acquaintances. I am much to aloof for stuff like this.

was this supposed to make me mad? Yes. My mother really thought they were going to put it up. I am told the forward sounding idiot that walked all over the house is a famous star's relation. The star seems to think I should think he is hot stuff-- and when I am explain over and over I am really not the groupie type nor did I ever find him attractive- he tries to scream. many stars like him are upset I am not insured. I have asked DOJ and FBI to get him and the rest of the idiots out of my ear. I certainly did not think his idiot son would be stupid enough to come over here and behave the way he did.

General [Pentagon] this should not have happened. My mother is owed. No I did not like the set. I know you used that with my mother to make her mad. I get what I want for my house is what she will say and resented I did not want it. I did not argue. You used that. You continue to torture me and use crap like this. Now we have 3 heavy boxes in the empty space. The table, I believe i solid wood with a solid base. Its not that I don't think I can help to get it together-- I do .. its just very heavy.

Too many still want me rushed to the hospital. Many are being told this is over-- and their position- at the very least, I can let them have my bag and business. I said no.

too many of these people are celebrities, vip washington types, or worse their uneducated kids who got aids and did not go to school. I just want these people off me.

I do not owe my business nor the bag. I am being tortured. If its not one thing its another. Last week, FiOS and the USB hub for my tablet. This week 3 heavy boxes my mother and are supposed to put together. I believe she was angry they delayed giving her the table from before Christmas because everyone knew I did not like it... this really made her mad.

This instigation crap works on her. On Tuesday, when she was on the way to the PX to check on the order was-- she pulled her car out of the garage and scraped the garage frame and the car. When I sat there stunned- she explained "I should be able to do what I want to do in my own house". She blamed me for the delay.

Those idiots last night want to claim they were helping me? Many are mad about my finger. Not the famous star and his idiot son. But, many are using this time to try to get something from this situation.

CIA/Pentagon-- enough. Stop. I said no.. This morning, my mother is at the commissary with my sister or brother. I never said anything to the idiot that kept coming into the den other than to confirm that it was the LMN network on the television. Tired of this crap guys. said no..

Someone actually, said-- they wanted me to yell at the black guys one to show an Oprah audience [via consoles] it was okay to do this. I am a mean person. I did not yell. My mother did. I never interfere in my mother's projects-- other than to repeat on occasion that "she said no". Sometimes service guys pretend they do not know i am in the other room listening.

Anyway, back to the stars listening last night. Most stars are insured. I am not going to insure.... A lot of folks are being questioned by the FBI I am told.. the pedophile issue in most cases. Many stars are insured. I said no. get off me.. and big star-- i can tell by your mouth and bottom you insure. never send your idiot back to my mother's house... you need to find an uneducated bama who thinks you are all that. I never did.. get off me. The guys that came in last night were awful.

Black community, my rights are being violated. badly. Many in maryland can ask themselves why they engaged me over the last 20 years... Stars insure. I should not have too. they are mad. I should not have to put up with a son-- trying to show you I have no respect for his bama crap. I do not... that said-- I never yelled... should you? Yes. Please contact the fBI and ask why?

I am a little concerned the constant harassment over this or that is getting to my mother. She may be desperate to have this end. the car and garage frame-- looked a little wacky to me. Yes, its on film. Me, I have been waiting for so long-- I do not tend to knee jerk. Too many feel I should give the bag--even though they have been cured of aids. I am tired of this crap. I said no.

then I was tortured for most of the night? Can anyone check? Saying jewish lawyers are mad. Saying Roy Goldberg is really a US attorney and was a US attorney when I hired him in 1995 to handle my eeoc case. I am currently reading "The Associate" by John Grisham. read about Kyle in that book. Saying Roy was purposely sent to me.. is this true? I long ago surmised my case was DOA-- but did not know why. I knew Geof Gitner was fbi, though at the time he claimed to be Roy's senior partner at the firm. Karash,.... over in Georgetown. I only found out last night Roy [they are claiming] was a US Attorney.

did you know US Attorney rosenbaum is really David Souter's son. He hates me. I did not know Souter was Jewish. Rosenbaum claims to be jewish. I am not sure if he has a law degree. I am told he is not very smart. I am also told he has a house or condo in the area near Arundel Mills which is too close insofar as a user with a console. Look them both up. Rosenbaum is said to be the US Attorney for maryland. I do not really think he is an attorney. The real US attorney for Maryland- they say-- would not let go of the jury duty issue. I am not sure who the real US attorney for maryland is but he and Cardin [not a lawyer either] want to own me. I cannot stand cardin. I told him this 10 years ago... Those of you who served jury duty in November 2014-- the woman with short spikey purple hair is cardin's wife. I am told she is the daughter of a baker and cardin's wife. She is not well educated and sounds it.

My issues with Cardin started about 10 years ago when I was doing some research and noticed photos of a beautiful black politician from Maryland. I noticed something else. I wondered about it. I told cardin he was too ugly to think the woman should know him. It was only abstract at the time. After earpiece was activated--- it was discussed. Cardin was said to have been gay. Some have seen him with the woman I described from jury duty. I did not know he was jewish when I first noticed an issue. You see-- too many from washington had tried to suggest I know them in another way. It wasn't until the earpiece was activated that I found out-- that most of these people actually treat all women like whores or as if they are part of a large orgy. The Nineth Gate, Eyes Wide Shut, DaVinci Code.. The group orgies in those movies. What I did not know was that Aids-- because it hurts the people supplying sexual services -- more aids--- caused powerful men in washington to be more needy of a sexual partner. The orgies I am told to insure in politics have gone on for a long time. I did not know. what was new-- was the problem with getting someone to service someone with aids.... Even if the partner already had aids-- i am told the t-cell counts rose [more aids and made the service providers feel bad]. Full blown aids... I am not sure if cardin had aids-- but when I first noticed an issue with him I thought he thought he should know a beautiful black female. Because those idiots had tried things with me-- I told him to get lost. This turned out to be more right than wrong.. anyway Cardin has been angry with me every since. And I repeat-- back when I told him he was too ugly-- 10 years ago-- I had no idea he was jewish... He knows i can't stand him-- yet many have said through the last 6 months or so-- they thought he was my friend. No. I told him to leave me alone 10 years ago.

Cardin was hoping I would simply ignore the summons so they could arrest me. then they planned other things. A miscue_-- I did not park where they expected me to park. I parked at the closer garage that i had to pay for.. Knight something.

Cardin has been trying to do something with my business for awhile and continues to hammer me with his console. He is jewish.. I want him off me... I do not owe him nor his wife. Several months ago i told him the way his wife talked- the only thing she could have been was a janitor in my office. He has been screaming ever since. I told him to check with the people I used to work with. I am tired of this pompous idiot thinking he is god's gift to me. He is also mad that I told Tony-- why he is mad. He thought he had a black stable in PG county. I told Tony-- someone I went to college with. Cardin is a jew that thinks blacks are here to serve him.. I have asked repeatedly that DOJ and the FBI get him and his wife off me. He was on last night. I want him off me.

Jewish lawyers send folks to the area-- to use consoles. or they relay though an FBI agent who may be amazed at the number of VIP or stars involved. I asked him last night if this was to heady for him and was he trying to be popular with stars? I have been tortured hard over the last week. Asking the FBI why. I said no. The guy that has been in place-- for a long time-- continues to brag about what he used to be able to do to me.. He likes Don and his stars.. I do not.

Then Gene is on talking. He said "Shakey gets the problem". I did not know what he meant. Thats when i started explaining again what was given to me in march 2012 or so. George -> Shakey -> Pam. I am told gene is in trouble for bringing up Shakey. Then you are on Mirium? You have a daughter with Doug Rose? Did he ask you to insure? Why would you get in my ear. FBI looking for crap... what I do not understand is why I am being tortured when i am telling what I know. Don and his son make their women insure... I heard your voice again- and thought "you have got to be kidding". FBI-- i do not mind if you go after Don's pedophiles. I mind if agents are torturing me. Sharon Kendricks told me years ago-- that Miriam's little sister looked just like her daughter. I told that. In March 2012-- I was told how Shakey was abused. George brought this up. FBI-- what are you doing? I showed you Google Earth. I showed that the Sheppards, roses, shakey, monroes and both cathys- all lived in a section of odenton that was too far to walk too. I did not hang over there. Why is Gene giving me a Shakey problem? No, I did not know Cheryl Monroe existed. I am told Judy my sister confirmed the photo taken in 1985 was chris monroe. He told me his name was Darius Odum... Why am I in the middle of this... I did not hang out with this group. and george wants something? what? You are allowing me to be tortured.

By the way George, I did go out with you. I would never go out with the other star referenced in this post. George, why on earth would you think I owe yoru crap? If you insured with your child-- do not get in my ear... Miruim, we were not close when I knew you. and not because Sam asked you to the prom... i did not know Doug was camille's son.. I did not know him well. I never wanted to know him.. he played you.. if i were jealous of you-- what did I do to warrant the harassment I have endured? Did you ever see mrs. hopson or my relatives? Are you kidding? I love good looking people. Most of my relatives are. get off me. You have a don evan's grandchild.. did you insure? hang up.

Lisa snowden is Liz benito's relative. Sam with the black truck and lawn mowers is Clooney's. Cathy Moultree. Chili TLC-- Sonia and Doug Rose. Salma-- Darnetta and Doug Rose. Black Clueless star with the light eyes. Don's child with Sharon Kendricks. I moved to Odenton in 1974. How old are those kids. Don VIP in Washington. you had these kids before I even came here. Nixon my grandfather... we were put there when he was about to leave office. I did not put George and Doug in your life. My grandfather put in your lives. we were supposed to move to Dover. we were put in Odenton.. you already had kids with Don or his son Doug rose... I did not give you aids.. I have never been hiv positive. Odeton get off me.. When I showed Bruce aVe and the electrical lines many said cherly monroe looked like a liar. that was already explained. I showed the lines when George brought up Shakey... George why would you bring up Shakey.. he was part of Judy's clique. I am 61. you are 52.. [years we were born]. I am actually younger than most of my sister's friends. That said.. someone said the other night-- "regina thomas" was the only person I knew with a car [as if to explain another reason for why they did not like me]-- when we were discussing whether or not Cheryl Monroe or any of the folks that lived in the older part of Odenton near Bruce Ave. walked to our house every day after school. The point I did not know anyone from the older part of odenton except Cathy Moultree, Cathy Fitz, and Mirium Sheppard. Know, insofar as going to their house. I only did when sharon and I were going someplace with one of them. This was maybe 2 or 3 times through high school. I did not hang out with them. Sharon did. I was not invited to any of their weddings. I heard about them through Sharon. I did not hang out in that area of odenton. My sister was friends with others... doug rose is clooney's nephew. I was not over in that section of odenton with my car. I was a work or school. I do not owe your crap.

Confused about Salma. I was given this info last night. Cindy Rose claimed to be the mother [the reason she lived with mary her mother, doug and cindy]. supposedly, Cindy hooked up with Washington or Shakey. I am told Salma is Darnetta's with Doug Rose/Bruce Leshan. Don Evan's is his father. Camille Cosby his mother. Don Evans important CIA type that cannot stand me... He is also one of the T. Boone Pickens clan. I am told there is a protection order for him and his people to stay away from me. mary buffalow-- [mary rose-- cindy's mom] a support staff worker in my Rockwell office said Don did not know what the Pentagon was doing. He was too worried about the aids issue and insurance issues. He did not seem to understand-- I knew nothing about any of it.. Darius Odum came into my life in 1985. I never saw his private parts. He even showered in his clothes. If I a m responible for aids in odenton-- why am I a dumb ass in 1985. I completed high school in 1977. I finished college in 1981. I moved to Falls church in 1982. I met darius at the dairy queen in odenton. No dairy queen's in falls church. I was visiting my parents who lived in hanover at the time. He made me laugh. He told me he was a cousin of the Monroes. I told him a barely knew them. Karl had been in a computer class in high school. I never encouraged himn to talk to me. I did not know-- Chris monroe was Darius. they told me why he did not touch me. They also said he had to do this because he gave his sister aids.... Odenton.. tell me why you are in my ear?

If I am to blame-- why does he try to know me in 1985? Trish Sanchez someone I met at GE and her husband went to the Japanese Steak House in Rosslyn with Darius and I. In 1985. Tidal Basin photos of each of us [me and darius]-- show a car like my father's 1985 white oldsmobile in the background. Trish-- do you remember Darius? I am dumb-- in 1985, how did I give all those kids over there- aids in 1975 or before? Even if I had ever been HIV positive. Darius-- I am told my place in Falls Church had lots of cameras. This issue also used by don and bruce to piss people off in Odenton and with those from Odenton, in later years. Don and his people running the game. I passed on doug Rose/Gene Turner/Bruce Leshan. Most of odenton, I am told- did not... Darius in 1985 why couldn't you touch me? Don too worried about what the Pentagon was doing.. Kings-- had a statutory issue.. I am told Don, the Kings and Cheryl [my relative] knew about the accident in September 1993 in Boonetown before it happened. Cheryl rolled on Don recently, after I explained what had been given to me in the spring of 2012. mary Buffalow provided that don said he did not like something and needed me out of the way. My whole office knew about the september 1993 accident. No where to go. I was meeting my mother on Fort Meade. I owned property in bowie. She was coming from Hanover. I never made it. Now don wants me to provide more plastic surgery for Katy Perry [his with Darnetta] and Salma. The only time I ever met salma-- never saw her with darnetta] she was a janitor in my office buding sometime around 1993. she was either visiting Mary her [pretend grandmother] or doug. She and doug have a child-- Katy Perry's x-husband. She did not look like the salma of today. I do not owe don's people surgery.. Have him use my beautiful relatives.. Frederica Whitfield. Tennis star Anna Innovic, paula of Robin Thick fame. etc.. I could go on and on. Lester has some really beautiful kids. I do not owe darnetta's kids plastic surgery. Cheryl my cousin no longer has an intestine because of Bruce or Gene. Jan's son with Dennis Edwards and college classmate was shot by Salma. I do not owe don's thugs... Odenton figure out who owes you... Never lie on me.. and never pretend like I owe you... I said no.

If Mary Rose was actually Mary Buffallow in my Rockwell office for ten years how do you know all of the work you have seen is mine. chucky [Miruim Sheppards husband today] probably gets his nephew-- Maxwell [Cheryl's son, the reason she would sign up with don in 1993-- plus Perry-- r.kelly her son with Perry] that things are not always what they seem. I do have a 4 year degree in math. I do program and I am not a fake. many of my relatives do not have the education they claim. I do. This is my work.. why would the Pentagon or an FBI agent claim my software tools-- and the many posts on blogs that show criminal behavior by the US Government? If its your work--- why do you need the bag. and why is this post on a blog on a subdomain of

I recently asked cheryl my cousin-- why she would continue to talk to bruce and don when they and their kids have hurt our family. I did not deserve to die in september 1993 because don did not know what the Pentagon was doing. I am told-- cheryl rolled on herself because don's lawyer told him to shut up.. Yet, I get claims that Darnetta, Don, and Salma threaten me every day... FBI-- I said no. Then Mirium wants something-- when I have told her and chucky to get off me? miruim other than explain to the FBI if you have molested Don's grandchild because he insists on crap like that--what do you want? tell everyone what i did to you in high school to cause the "hiiii reeeeeggggginnnna" from almost the time we met in 1974. I was 13. you had a child and were probably at least 2 or 3 years older. did Sharon tell you how old I really was? so how did my young idiot self-- hurt you? FBI is looking for something else. Salma claimed to have brought down 12 white cia guys with aids. they wish that was me.. no "I am salma"'s brag. 'then told me she shot my cousin and could kill me too... I am not a thug Miruim... stay in my ear... fbi knows who I am .. do they know who you are?

Mary Buffallow was a support staff member who bragged she could type 90 words a minute. She is not really related to Doug Rose nor Salma. cindy rose looks just like her. She rolled on Don first. She did not have to know math or how to program. I did. She typed up table of contents for me.. I am not the fake. She says she was doing my work? Yes, my typing and filing...

My brother is coming over to put up the dining room set. I am hoping there are no problems. She is home now. He is on the way.. I told her-- Mother this was your project and i am not involved. I am a little concerned. She once said the reason people can assault me-- is because i piss them off. I did not know most of my family, friends and odenton had aids before Feb. 2012. This explains everything to me. Most of my family and friends resent me. that does not mean they should blame me for aids. Lisa Snowden's mom sued clooney.. See Liz Benito. he explained the movie role and monkeys. Hollywood knows Bedtime for Bonzo. Clooney's mom is Nancy Reagan. his dad-- Cary grant. Camille's mom Nancy Reagan. Her dad-- Miles Davis. I think Ronald Reagan had aids before Miles Davis. Sickle Cell Anemia is listed for Miles Davis. who are tom hanks, sam brownback and clive owens. how big are their hearts? I asked don-- why my auntie had to have Jeff Napshin. One of Bruce Leshan's kids. Nixon had already left the white house.. why did she have to insure and get aids... he blamed someone else. Odenton-- where is Veronica Jones... I did not know about any of this-- until it was explained beginning in Feb. 2012. and I did not do it nor cause it.. get off me.

I am told most of my family has undergone treatment for Aids and have been cured. females who undergo the treatment can for the most part no longer have their own kids-- the microwaving process hurts the eggs-- but the guys are fine. Sperm is generated on the fly- i am told. Most of washington has been cured. Plasma an issue for those born with aids. I should not be getting the harassment from washington that i am getting. They used to claim they had aids and i was the last big deal in the works. Today they do not make this claim. Most of Odenton, have you been treated?

The jewish community should not be here.. DOJ lawyers and judges [I do not mind if they are jewish, okay]. Nightly i am told the jews are here. Pentagon, i do not owe the jews.. they should leave. They almost sound like the KKK. FBI why is this happening. I said no thanks. I asked them to leave me alone. I said no. Was I supposed to write about GoldFinch? I did not. Can't review something, I did not finish reading. get off me.

Still editing this. too angry when i started screaming at this blog. My brother put together my mother's table and chairs and she is happy. All went well.

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