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Friday, March 06, 2015

Digging out... in plain sight?

It snowed all day yesterday. This morning when I got up, my mother was outside scraping off the van and the sun was out. Within 20 minutes, two guys came by to ask if they could dig her out. Within 15 minutes of the guys starting, four county emergency vehicles were on the corner.

Two Fire and Rescue and two Patrol cars. In addition there were several other nondescript vehicles parked on the scene. No, I did not see an accident. Yes, earpiece provided additional information.

This post? Because I note things like this...

In a recent post, I mentioned a notable female from the Jury Duty session I attended in Nov. 2014. Shortly after the event, many claimed the female was someone that had been in my ear on many occasions and was really the wife of Ben Cardin. I am told his senate web site shows someone different but many have seen the woman I described- in his company. Also in the Nov. 2014 time frame, someone said she was a baker's daughter. Yesterday, earpiece indicated the baker was Duff of the Food Network. The woman I saw at jury duty is older than Duff. Earpiece claimed Duff is actually the son of Cardin. I do not think the woman with the spikey purple hair in Annapolis in November 2014 and Ben Cardin are Duff's parents. In my opinion, one maybe his parent. DOJ, I am not sure why this is important.

I explained to Ben Cardin over 10 years ago-- I was not interested in knowing him. Most of congress gets this. Five years ago, I told him specifically in more assertive tones-- to leave me alone. 10 years ago-- abstract noise suggested he wanted to talk-- and I said no thanks. Five or six years ago, a research project led me to believe he was very invasive in other people's lives and I told him in a more direct manner to never come near me. Recently, he did not deny this happened but also explained that "you cannot become a politician unless certain rituals are performed". Since I have no intention of becoming a politician nor anything else for the US government- other than a law abiding citizen, I am not sure why these people continue to tell me things like this. Nor anything else.

Photo analysis should provide whether or not Cardin is Duff's relative.

Washington, I said no... DOJ, a certain community continues to threaten me. Are you listening?

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