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Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Last Weekend...

Easter was nice. My blooms are starting to come out. Watched the Finals in Miama [Tennis].

That evening, after dinner and the men's final in Miami- I watched Lucy with Scarlett Johansson. I thought this movie was pretty interesting.. here are some scenes.

The next morning, I used a tablet app-- "Screenshot Easy" to grab these scenes from the movie.

Have you researched the new Chromebox offerings-- [see here]? Just started looking at these.

My tablet has become an invaluable asset. The Chromebox is similar however more a desktop [stationary] offering. Verizon FiOS allows me to watch many things on my tablet [WatchESPN, FiOS Mobile, TennisChannel, etc. FYI: Watched the movie Lucy with my Tablet] and a desktop version would enable greater resolution and a larger picture.

I also updated my Amazon Computer and Electronics Store, listing a more enhanced version of a Chromebox- than the one I reference in this post. Check out all of the offerings to see the different options. Just think, all of your favorite tablet apps running from a desktop.

News from Washington? Lots, just not worth repeating here. Is there an end in sight? Not sure. ACLU guy is back... yes, some relief from those using government issued consoles.

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