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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day 2015

I ordered my mom's Mother's Day Gift about three weeks ago and gave it to her this morning. She said she loved it so I hung them while she was out.

You will note, the gift is also listed in my Amazon Store. I was not at all disappointed with this item.

I think my mother is having a full day. She left early this morning for breakfast with Andre and Cathy [earpiece saying this is false, so I am not sure]. Earpiece also saying a number of relatives are in town, but I am not sure about this either. I think she felt guilty about leaving me all day. She put ribs in a slow cooker, before leaving.

Around noon she returned bringing store bought potato salad and rolls to complete my meal. I applied BBQ Sauce and put the ribs in the oven. She will have left overs tomorrow.

My meal was great. She is having dinner with my sister and her boyfriend I am told.

The Madrid Open Final is on. I have been watching this tournament most of the week.

Do I miss seeing my family? Security has become a big deal for me. I go out only when I need too. So, no. I see Judy and Andre when they come over. No one from out of town ever comes to this house now.... however, this has been the case since the late 90s. If this ever ends.. will this change? No. I have learned too much since February 2012-- so no, I probably will never see family in a large gathering again. That said... I love quiet, working and tennis so this really is not a problem for me.

Issues with the earpiece? Hard. Hoping judges, DOJ/FBI, ACLU will be doing more to correct this horrific issue.

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