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Sunday, May 24, 2015

hair, tennis, productivity issues.

Last Friday, I used Garnier Olia Darkest Brown Hair dye to get rid of my gray.

I am naturally a mid-to dark brown, so I was very surprised to see how dark my hair turned out. I am trying to get used to it, however think changing my makeup to brown shadows, off black pencils and red lipsticks will make a difference.

That said, I am very impressed with how well this product covered my gray.

Other things I have been up to?

  • Tennis: French Open started today.
  • Movie: Mission Impossible III
  • Movie: The Ledge with Terrence Howard, Liv Tyler
  • Thinking about why my next tablet will have at least one USB port. Screen grabs from last post were emailed from my tablet. Because of ongoing legal issues, I do not use the Cloud.

The last bullet [above]: iPad and several others [i.e., Samsung], have built in USB ports. I use my tablet for everything, including watching online streaming programs [Verizon FiOS, WatchESPN, TennisEverywhere]. I also keep my tablet plugged in when I am at home, to save battery life. I need the separate USB port to print, port images and data to other devices while using the micro USB port for power. I use a Bluetooth keyboard with my tablet, however I never enabled Bluetooth on my Macbook-- because of security issues. [I keep a lot of QiSoftware proprietary data and code on my Macbook.] This makes it hard to port data. I do not keep company proprietary data on my netbook nor other systems, however none of the others have the Bluetooth option. A wireless printer would solve part of the problem-- however I cannot justify another printer at this time. What are you using?

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