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Friday, July 17, 2015

heading into the weekend...

After the last two weeks of almost non-stop Wimbledon Tennis, I thought I would be bored starting the new week. I wasn't. I found a number of things to catch my attention and happy the weekend is almost here.

Scenes around here...

Things I have been doing:

  • Minor updates to the Remix Business Blog template and the associated Amazon Store.
  • As noted in the latest entry to the Business Blog- looking into some code issues as related to an API.
  • Updated the template on my WordPress hosted blog.
  • Watching the Tennis Channel.
  • Got a refund on an item I ordered because a different item was sent. The item sent will work out-- so I am pleased.
  • Minor updates to my Amazon Stores. Added my new case [discussed here] to the "Items I Have" store.

Things I will be doing over the weekend:

  • Making almond buttercream cupcakes.
  • Watching Davis Cup and other Tennis Tournament Finals
  • Watching latest Power episode on STARZ Saturday evening.
  • Watching latest True Detective episode on HBO Sunday evening.

Hope you have a nice weekend..

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