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Monday, July 27, 2015

Tennis is Back in Washington...

The Washington Citi Open Tennis Tournament will start Monday, August 3rd, 2015. I have attended and thoroughly enjoyed this tournament in the past, and wish I could be there [in person]- this year.

That said, The TennisChannel is covering a lot of the action, so I will catch many of the matches on live television.

Both, Men [ATP] and Women [WTP] will be in action, starting Monday. It should be interesting. Shown, Prize Money highlight.

Other things I have been up too?
  • Keeping up with STARZ's Power and HBO's True Detective.
  • Online shopping [I will show you later].
  • Updating my Amazon Stores.

This morning, I made the Fruit Tart shown.

Last week I could not decide if I wanted cupcakes or a fruit tart for my birthday. I had cupcakes. This week, I will have the tart. I have made this [tart] before and shown the results. This year I did not allow the blueberry sauce to thicken as much, nevertheless it was pretty good. See video from Great Chefs- Fruit Tarte.

News from Washington? Always, just nothing I wish to report.

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