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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

writing away my bad mood [mostly nonsense]...

In December 2014, I paid off the only credit card I have other than my debit card. For years, I paid $50 per month on the total bill with the high balance never over $1500. I mainly used the card to purchase necessities for my business, i.e.,

  • Macbook purchased from Apple in 2008
  • Canon PowerShot A530 Camera ~ 2008
  • Western Digital External Hard-Drive
  • Car Accident-- new bumper and battery [non-business]
  • Hotel stay July/August 2012 [non-business]

Now, because I do not carry a balance I use it more often, as I prefer the security features of the MasterCard as compared to my debit card [which also looks like a major credit card]. The MasterCard has a lot of fraud protection whereas my debit card is tied to my checking account. The debit card also has a credit limit--- but I never use more than I have in the bank.

Paid off? What this means? Since High School, I have worked [part time, fast food, internships in offices through school, etc]. Then it was work [part time] and college [full time]. Then corporate America as a Defense Contractor. Since, High School, whenever I walked out the door no matter where I was going-- I did my hair and makeup.

When all of this began, I stopped wearing makeup unless I was going out. I also stopped doing my hair-- just a ponytail [unless going out]. The reason? I really could not afford the makeup I used and I had to save it for when I was going out. I used to also work out quite a bit-- so hair and makeup were wasted.

Earlier this year, I started setting my hair every night. Because I paid off my credit card in December, I also decided I could once again afford makeup. Even if I never go anyplace. I have worn makeup since high school and quite frankly-- look better with it. These days, if my hair and makeup are not done-- I think I forgot to get dressed. I have only left the rollers in [all day] once and will never do it again.

Today, I did my hair and makeup, watched some of the Rogers Cup Tournament after my mother left for her luncheon and made lunch. I also thought about sending the RSVP for the Wedding. No, I am not going.

This morning, I awoke in a bad mood. [Bren-- I said no. I mean no.] I have been in a bad mood for most of the day. When my mother returned home-- she had the BabyBell Cheese I wanted to try [Costco had a good deal and I think its wonderful], a watermelon and Land-o-Lakes Whip Cream for my morning espresso. I am in a better mood now. That said, writing helps me. I wanted to scream a lot today. There is so much I want to say. Time to move on.... and really. Please let go. I said no-- and I am really not kidding. FBI-- serious conflict of interests and rights violations continue. I said no.

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