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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

and, I think I saved the plant...

I have two groups and several pages on Facebook [FB]. They include:

Though I always have minor tasks as related to the Alumni Group, i.e., handling new member requests or deleting posts that other members dislike, I seldom work on my other FB pages or groups-- that is until recently.

A couple of weeks ago, a Hanover business owner "liked" the Hanover Businesses page so I decided to update the graphics. I also added a graphical link to the sidebar of this blog.

In other news, as I explained in a recent post- I am giving my sister a plant arrangement for her birthday- which she will get over the weekend. Unfortunately, I over watered the "spider" type plant a bit and the roots became soggy. I think I saved it, however I did have a backup plan if I needed it.

In any case, along with a photo of the plant as it looked about an hour ago, I have included other recent photos.. breakfast yesterday, etc.

The first photo [top left], is of a bloom on a tree my mother and I planted years ago. I no longer know the name of the tree-- so if you do, please drop me a line.

I also ordered Farberware baking sheets for the convection oven that I am pretty pleased with [photo lower left].

Other things I have been up to?

News Washington? Nothing to report.

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