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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Business Technology I Want...

While I wait for a resolution to some of the many issues I face, I keep myself busy with a myriad of mostly non-business related tasks. That said, on occasion I do research issues related to business. My latest research has provided solutions for future acquisitions related to technology and computing, I think will solve my current security and innovation issues.

Some of you may be aware, in Feb. 2015 I purchased my first tablet. Though I have found many uses for this device, I actually do very little productive business work with the tablet. Uses include:

  • Bill paying.
  • Statistical checks, i.e., Adsense, Web Site Analytics, Bank Accounts
  • Sports, specifically professional tennis matches. My tablet's resolution is 1920x1200 so the video is great, a big factor in my choice given I planned to watch a lot of tennis matches. The iPad is one of the few tablet like devices that has more in the way of display resolution. I used to watch via my netbook. The resolution was not that good. Did I explain, this was the reason I wanted a tablet, after noting how well my mother's worked with streaming video?
  • Maintenance of my Amazon Stores [this is in part more of a business task, but one of the few I can do from my tablet].
  • Games
  • Membership maintenance and posting to Facebook groups and pages. Artwork for pages/groups is done on other, more robust platforms.

So what do I think I will need in the future, for business productivity as related to computing and technology?

  • Mac Mini-- I can unplug it and take it with me.
  • Huge Thunderbolt Display Monitor like this Samsung offering which is also compatible with the high resolution [Thunderbolt] output of the Mac Mini.
  • Portable display monitor but not for travel, only in case I want to work outside with the Mac Mini or some other area of the house.
  • The new 12" Macbook, in gold? A full Macbook, but smaller so that I can "fix" or login from anywhere. The Mac Mini and this smaller 12" Macbook would replace my current 13.3" Macbook which is very heavy and 7.5 years old. The new 12" Macbook is only 2 lbs.
  • Smallest Windows notebook I can find-- my netbook is still useful, however uses Windows XP. I need to upgrade to insure my programs are compatible with the latest Windows releases.
  • Microsoft Office Suite [currently own the Professional Suite for Windows] for both Windows and Mac operating systems.
  • Adobe Illustrator

What are you using for business? Check out some of my other business computing finds-- here and here.

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